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  • Agriculture and Rural Living: Babbie Rural & Farm Learning MuseumBy Michelle Fleury
  • Nature Up NorthBy Amy Sheldon
  • A One-Stop Shop for all Paddling NeedsBy Jessica Blondell
  • Beauty UndefinedBy Danielle Beckford
  • A Hike to RememberBy Amy Sheldon
  • The Legacy of Rockwell Kent
By Michelle Fleury
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Spotlight Stories

Everyone has a hobby: Some people skateboard, some people fish. Other people boil tree sap and turn it into delicious syrup. Originating in Beartown West Chazy, N.Y., Earl Swanson, Dave Gozzlen, Randy LaValley and Randy Cook gathered their money together to create a small maple syrup company called Beartown Maple Syrup.

They started in 2007 in a sugar shack they built by hand. “It’s really a hobby, a fun thing,” Cook says. Having already bought the equipment, which cost them more than $12,000, the trio saw no reason not to use it for a small profit. Making about $2 an hour, minus the equipment cost, who wouldn’t want to make a little cash on the side?

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The Kayak Shack delivers to Adirondack Coast paddlers everything they could need or want in one store. From top-notch equipment and rentals to professional lessons and children’s camps, this store offers something for everyone.

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The natural beauty of the Adirondack region, with its mountains, bodies of water and colorful foliage, is enough to stop people in their tracks.  It’s the kind of beauty always worthy of a photograph or painting. This is why people like James Goss exist - to capture the beauty of the Adirondacks on canvas.

As a painter who lives in Westport, N.Y., Goss finds inspiration in the nature he sees daily. “Nature itself is what truly inspires me. Everything worthwhile comes from nature. The landscape is a constant, yet is forever changing.

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