The Unbeatable Baxter's Bagels

A new bagel shop is bringing a fresh new taste to downtown Plattsburgh

Story by Caitlin Fitzpatrick
Photos by Ryan Ward

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A loveable dog adorns the logo of Baxter's Bagels in downtown Plattsburgh.

Strolling through Plattsburgh, N.Y. one cold winter day, I caught a glimpse of a new downtown eatery on Brinkerhoff Street that had the allure of a New York City bagel shop with a dog as its mascot.  With bagels topping the list as one of my favorite foods, I made sure to head over to this restaurant which had somehow seemed to fly under my radar for the past few months since its opening.

Upon entering the restaurant on a Saturday afternoon, my boyfriend Michael and I noticed that although we were the only ones there, we were still greeted with a warm smile and a cheery “good afternoon” from the owner.   We immediately began scoping out the menu for our choices and were faced with the daunting task of figuring out what we wanted: breakfast or lunch. We decided to sample both sides of the spectrum by ordering both.

Being from Long Island, I consider myself a bagel expert, and have yet to find a bagel in Plattsburgh that compared to those from downstate.  I decided to give the breakfast sandwich on an onion bagel a try.  Michael ordered The Doc: a sandwich with ham, turkey, salami, and provolone on a bagel.  He couldn’t decide which bagel to order it on and was immediately given helpful suggestions by the owner before finally settling on an everything bagel.

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Baxter's offers many flavors of homemade bagels.

Michael is a big coffee drinker and decided to get a small coffee to go with his meal. Once again, suggestions were given by the owner, and he was even allowed to sample some blends to help aide in his decision.  The Holy Cow coffee, a chocolate and vanilla flavored blend, was chosen.  For someone who never drinks coffee black, he had no problem sipping this coffee down with no milk and sugar.

Waiting for our food gave us a chance to take in the chic, casual atmosphere, which included jazz music in the background and black leather couches to relax on.  We barely had time to look around, because within minutes our meals were being served to us at our booth.  My sausage, egg, and cheese looked like it just came from a deli on Long Island, and for a minute, I thought I was back home.  Michael’s sandwich was served in a basket with a pickle and bag of homemade bagel chips. 

Delving into our meals, we both realized this was no ordinary bagel or sandwich shop.  The food was hot, fresh, and delicious, and while we were eating, the owners even came over to start some casual, friendly conversation with us.

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The menu includes everything from toasted bagels to high-piled sandwiches.

It’s safe to say that I finally found a bagel that compares to the ones found on Long Island. Between the friendly, prompt service, the delectable food, and the decent price, this quaint little restaurant has just found itself two new weekly regulars.

APN gives Baxter’s Bagels  5 out of 5 stars.

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