Buried Treasure in a Nearby Antique Store

Review of "Hidden Gardens"antique store in Saratoga Springs

Story and photos by Nicole Weber

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Hidden Gardens is located on Maple Avenue in Saratoga, N.Y.

Pulling into the parking lot of High Rock Avenue in Saratoga Springs, it’s hard to miss the overpopulation of stones and metalwork sculptures of Hidden Gardens antique store. Their logo reads “Extraordinary Floral Design” Antiques for Garden & Home, and it is located on 35 Maple Avenue.

Hidden Gardens is full of theatrical statues and sculptures ranging from gnomes to an orange, metal work pig, and as if the sculptures outside in the “garden” weren’t enough, the inside of the little store is filled with all sorts of odds and ends.

Walking in I was welcomed by the smell of fresh flowers waiting to be sold. Different colors and arrangements, as well as fridges of flowers, are across from the check out counter. A Buddha head, with closed eyes, also stands close by.

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A statue of a giraffe leads you toward the back of the first floor.
A white stone vase that’s crackled to look like porcelain is on the staircase leading to the next floors. Other small Grecian type stone and tile-work sculptures are placed about the staircase. Their eyes look at me as if they’re asking me to take them home, and lead me to other antiques eagerly waiting to be purchased. The second floor is a mixture of bright colored Moroccan pieces, with the continuance of theatrical pieces such as a nightstand with legs, and word carved seats in the shape of hands. Also on the second floor was a blue wall length Asian scripture holder, covered in Christmas decorations, which can hold various things inside its many long, narrow drawers. On the way to the third floor is a shelf of Halloween themed knick-knacks.

The third floor’s landing has a bronze/gold floor length mirror and a stone top table with silver pumpkins, seashells and teapots on top. This floor is the most colorful of them all. Carrousel horses and glass long stem vases are placed around the room. Renaissance era chairs, wide mouth porcelain and stone vases, mirrors, stained glass pieces, vanities, and fake flowers are everywhere.

Leaving from the back door and coming down the narrow downhill pathway "Puss-in-Boots" stops me with hands on hips. “Just wait a second, not going to buy anything?” "Puss-in-Boots" stands among the other side of the store among more stone and metal sculptures. But would I buy something from Hidden Gardens?

what's this pic about?

Hidden Gardens has theatrical pieces all over the store.

Being a full time college student already hinders me from buying anything. Most of the antiques were expensive and very large. So unless you’re living somewhere with an empty spot as big as a person, a little less than half of the pieces are not for you. Price… well it is an antique shop, and keeping that in mind Hidden Gardens isn’t too bad on price. Whether or not everything is an antique is the question. There are ornaments ranging from $5 to $10, more so in the $10 range, which is a good deal. There are some duplicates that can be found between both sides of the outside stone and metal “garden”, which brings me to my biggest complaint, or rather upset. There isn’t a real garden anywhere around the shop. There are some plants, and metal sculpture plants, outside, along with some Christmas trees and wreathes that I would hope wouldn’t be there other than during Christmas season. But there wasn’t a garden, and I wouldn’t think most of the antiques would be appropriate for any garden.

Other than that, and being a little overcrowded in sections, I highly enjoyed Hidden Gardens and finding all the treasures from corner to corner of each crowded floor. 

APN gives Hidden Gardens 4 out of 5 stars.


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