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Back in the Day

Harvest the Skills Harvest the knowledge of an orchard owner; learn how it’s done!
A look at a historic theatre

Dreaming of Timbuctoo

Explore the rejuvenated history of a long-lost settlement.

Buying and Selling History

Step inside Plattsburgh's antique and collectible shops, and into the past.

When The North Country Saved Slaves

The traces of a secret uprising remain hidden in cellars and barns...

The Haunted North Country

This area is filled with legends, spooky stories and ghostly encounters.
Here are a few of the most chilling.

Lake Champlain: the Forgotten Battleground

Does American history glorify the gains and leave out the losses? Hear the outside perspective of a Canadian history professor.

Hotel of Hotels

150 years ago the Hotel Champlain was the epitome of luxury. Atop a cliff overlooking the lake, this high-class resort was the place to experience Adirondack chic.

From the Bullhorn

Fake Out The trouble with Fake IDs
Howard the Dean: A Dead Duck? Dead in the water, Howard Dean's presidential chances are flying away
Toronto Travel Stunted by SARS Toronto - trying to find a cure for travel.
Think you can use that cell phone everywhere? think again.

Good stores close out in small-city mall

Municipalities nationwide are challenging the federal government for authority.

Plattsburgh State Students March on Washington

While the corporate mass media covered only the broad aspects of the anti-war marches in Washington D.C., SUNY Plattsburgh students went down for an array of reasons.

Plattsburgh State: Pop Bottle Paradise

Although recycling isn't a new concept, its importance is still being marginalized.

The High Costs of College Housing

College students place their money and their parent's money into the deep pockets of many Plattsburgh landlords. But many times they are not getting what they paid for.

Canadian Leakage

With a little help from Canadian neighbors, Americans all along the border are getting the best of both TV worlds for free.

Bearing with the Borders

Planning a trip to Canada? Get ready to play twenty questions.


Stereotypes of the North Country.
No doubt about it Canadian comedy is great, EH?
Zombies and Vampires!
A style of beauty is a joy forever, no matter what decade it is.
Every December, thousands of conifers are chopped into submission and left oozing sap into the cold clutches of a Christmas tree stand. So much for holiday spirit.

Get That Sea Monster

The Stigma of the Enigma that is Champy.

Comic Books on Steroids

Why both young and old alike should read comic books either again or for the first time.

Lawn Gnomes

A laugh riot of diminutive proportions. An expose of the lawn gnome culture in the North Country.


Natural Selections

Baring With the Bears Humans and bears still have something to fight about.
Coliform Crisis Going swimming in the AuSable? Read this first to find out exactly what you're swimming through. You might be surprised, and itchy.
Adirondack Park: Paradise of Leaves Try barking up these Trees.
Nature's Science Spiders plus Goats equal body armor; It can save your life.
There's a whole lot of shaking going on in New York State!
By reinstating the wolf in the Adirondacks, are we creating super hybrid coyote-wolves?
After slithering in from the Atlantic, sea lamprey are now latching onto freshwater fish in Lake Champlain.
The savannah sparrow and bobolink are put at risk as local grasslands are disappearing.
Winter has gained a frosty foothold and it's ten below outside. While most people are basking in the comforts of central heating, these men are crazy...or just really hungry.

Deer Overpopulation Neglects the North

Although white tailed deer populations have become dangerously overabundant in the western and southern regions of the state, the North Country has not, as of yet, been severely affected.

Taxidermy Mounts the North Country

Experience the concept of immortality, and the stuff it is made of.

The SUNY Secret

Behind the hustle and bustle of a college campus, lies a service that few know about.

A Saving Spark

On a dark night, a distant glimmer suggests destruction, yet it is actually a new beginning.

Lake Invaders

As public concern dwindles, zebra mussels are taking over Lake Champlain.

Global Warming: Thawing the Northeast

If you think global warming is a fantasy concocted from the minds of gung-ho, Greenpeace environmentalists, think again. The Northeast is drying up and the ski resorts are fighting a losing battle.

ATVs Ripping Apart Adirondack Park

What can the community do to prevent the illegal use of ATVs? Read on.

Life on the Rock

The Miner Institute in Chazy finds a safe way to put the 'fire' into a rare species of tree.

North Stars

The Mountaineers The men and women of the 46 high peaks. Do you have what it takes?
Hidden Fruit The real workings behind the pickings
Re-enactment of Victory The battle still rages, even though those who fought in it can fight no more.
Cold Art The Metal Man produces riviting art.
Barbershop Therapy The hot lather machine, some new scissors, and a man that, in twenty minutes, will change your life.
Realism by Pencil The artist who can do anything.
The tale of two brothers and some bluegrass
This Adirondack woodswoman has been living the life we all dream of for over forty years.

Patricia Reynolds:
Nature's Artist

A local artist reveals her avant garde methodology
A backround in family folk music

The Aikido Kid

A Montreal mentor preserves an Eastern art

Dave Nichols

Meet the man who has filled guitars and other stringed instruments full of pearls since the sixties.

Mike Pederson

One man making noise in Northern New York,
in more ways than one.

Michael Rispoli

A Hollywood star salutes his roots.

Hazin' Jane

Plattsburgh rockers keep on keeping on.

Douglas Kimura

A Plattsburgh hockey pioneer

Gordie Little

A local radio legend tells his tale

Murtagh Hill

A genuine, albeit eccentric, North Country family

Dan Stewart

The mayor's gay? Kick off the Q&A!

Cherise Bailey

It's sunrise and minus 10 degrees. And Bailey is in tune with the birds.

Sederick Rice

Making a difference for children suffering from cancer

Northern Lights

Folk Festival in the Mountains Shows No Sign of Fading Find out what is beneath the plaid and beyond the tradition
The Plight of Peacock Find out how this record plays out
Paintball Banter Forget hunting fuzzy little animals in the woods. Why would you do that when you can shoot your friends instead?
The Corner-Stone Bookshop A nest of knowledge often forgotten on the corner of Margaret and Court Street.
Lost and Found Lost in the Adirondacks? he Lower Adirondack Search and Rescue team is ready to find you!

Banff Boffo

Film Fest brings out the heavy vests
Drag queen beauty pageant draws talent from all over New York
Where competition meets spirit and pride.

Rolling Rocks in Keeseville

In a town too small to support a fast-food restaurant, bowling retains its status as a classic American past-time.
Great history and great hops make for great times at Vermont's oldest Brewery
Northern New York's traditional arts are continually preserved and displayed through the efforts of local artisans.

Limitless Choices Enable Artistic Diversity

Hardball in Hockey Country:
The End of a Trilogy

The season has passed, and it is still unclear whether the Expos are only a team of the past.

North Country Noise

Two grooving bands take on the Monopole. Just don't call them a jamband.

This Ain't the Glass From the Past

Glass art has come a long way.
But not until the 1980s did it evolve
into a kind of artform you probably
won't find on your grandmother's shelves.

Hardball in Hockey Country:
The Chronicles of Baseball in Montreal.
Part 2

Baseball has started, and there's an unusual situation in Montreal— the Expos are good.

No More UBU for You!

Nestled behind Whiteface Mountain, Lake Placid, is one of the fastest-growing microbrews in New York.

Haute Cuisine--Poutine!

Poutine--a concoction of french fries topped with cheese curds and ddrenched in brown gravy--reigns king of Quebec comfort foods.

Tattooing Plattsburgh

The tattooing trend has reached downtown Plattsburgh, where two professional tattoo parlors, Planet Ink and Vincent's, reside.

Hardball in Hockey Country: Part 1

The Montreal Expos enter a lame-duck 2002 season, which will presumably be their last. Take a look at Expo history.


The Coffee Grind Whether you need hot Java or cold cappuccino, these two coffee shops have everything needed to wake your ass up in the morning.
Saving Grace Come and Get Me, the title track for The Josh Cramroy Band is calling for attention.
Le Maison de Kebab A Montreal culture twist, La Maison de Kebab is great food at an even better price.
Chop Stick Rival In case you haven't noticed, there are two Chinese restaurants rivaling on Route 3 in Plattsburgh.
Glutton's Paradise Broadview Restaurant has people biting off more than they can chew.
The Little River and the Big Big Bridge The story of one small leap that showed us how to cherish the little things in life.
A Taste of Mexico Spice up your day with a little Smoked Pepper.
Local Metal Rocks Solid
Diner serves up dishes of gold.
Lilja's World is the real world
Have you ever seen comedians turn headlines into punch lines?

Reading a Family Life

Russel Banks' first novel reviewed

Adirondack author and ecologist has a good story- she's just not sure how to tell it.
Lake Champlain Claims its Fame
Local band goes to disc
Local author reveals the horrors of the North.

Junior Barber

Mountain music in review

The Vinyl Say

LP records dead? Think again!

The Last of the Mohicans

For action and war right in the North Country, check out this film.

Adirondack Ghosts

Campfire stories that won't chill your bones, but make believers happy.

The Hazin' Jane Experience

A whirlwind one-night, two-show tour with our hard boozing, North Country rockers.


Sweet Champlain Chocolate Factory See who could give Willy Wonka a run for his money!
Farm and Fancy Free From one country bumpkin to another, you have to be let in on a little secret…
Fun with Falling Leaves Get yourself away from the television, out of that dark, smoky room, and enjoy the splendor of the Adirondacks in the fall!
Hike Poke-O-Moonshine We'll show you the sights you'll see, but we can't duplicate the feeling of accomplishment from hiking Poke-O-Moonshine.
The Great Escape theme park brings smiles and helps boost local economy.
Across the North Country, sugarhouses' are coming alive with the sweet taste of spring.
After standing the test of fire, the Biosphère of Montreal is now focused on water.
The first-hand account of a first-rate spa.
A run-down of the more 'tubular' Northern ski resorts.
Can't shake those post-Christmas blues? Take a shimmy down Santa's chimney for some North Pole fun.

Saint Anne's Shrine

The most heavenly isle north of the Caribbean...

Split-Rock: A Product of Nature

The highs and lows of cliff jumping.

Burlington's Culturally Diverse Cuisine

Take a culinary tour around the globe in just five

The Lure Of Saratoga

Explore the various natural and historical attractions that have made Saratoga Springs a popular north country hub.

A High-Tech Treasure Hunt

If you like crazy scavenger hunts, hiking, and camping, then you'll love geocaching.

The Cataclysmic Chasm of the Awesome Ausable

The breathtaking Ausable Chasm illuminates with beauty and excitement. Catch the mist and enormity of this monumental natural wonder.

Summer on the Saranac River

The Saranac River ebbs and flows in a seemingly endless route that dumps into Lake Champlain. The inhabitants along the mighty waters offer an array of summer activities to feed your outdoor cravings.

Hiking Low and High

Take a day hike into the peaks of the Adirondacks.

Take a Break From New England. Ski New York

While not carrying the popular clout that its New England neighbors possess, the Empire State's selection of downhill ski resorts are fairly plentiful and not without their perks.

Boldt Castle

See a castle without leaving the country. More and more families are experiencing history right in our own neighborhood.
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