Spring 2005

Dear Readers,

As spring approaches, replacing ice-capped treetops with lavish buds and blossoms, sit back and enjoy our biggest issue ever. Our staff here at All Points North is growing rapidly, bringing in a slew of new story ideas and perspectives. So kick your feet up, relax, and enjoy some of our springtime stories.

Think this winter was chilly? Read about some local penguins who took the big plunge for charity. Take a trip back in time and experience the 1980 Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid. Brush up on your bird watching skills and discover the marvel of the bluebird. Read why some Vermonters put away their fishing poles and load up their guns each pike season. And when you're done with that, check out why this county jail needs a 30-million dollar makeover.

As All Points North's new Editor in Chief, I look forward to hearing any feedback from you about our stories. And as always, enjoy!

Rachael Osborne

- The day for the Irish in Montreal
- Peeping into the porthole of Monopole
- Plattsburgh Air Force Base gets a makeover
- Lake Champlain sails into history
- The food is regional, and the name is one of a kind
- Hollywood spotlights Adirondack manslaughter

- County prisons in need of an "Extreme Makeover"
- Vermonter's grab their guns and head to the lake

- Why Spring is "for the birds"
- Discover the past and future of pollution in the North Country

- Perrywinkles shines through
- What started off as a hobby is now making some dough
- A miracle in Lake Placid
- Strand Theater is being rejuvenated: piece by piece

- Port Henry is home to a long-running tradition
- Keep "cool" while raising money for charity
- Crazy for beads

- An ax, frying pan, and grass skirt are all at this carnival
- Conroy's is a totally organic experience

- Quiznos heats up the competition
- It's a Tex-Mex fiesta in your mouth
- Bluegrass talent emerges from the Adirondacks
- Good deals on a good time
- Spend March Madness with great food, drinks, and atmosphere
- A night with Monopole
- Getting wasted in Montreal
- Tuscany on Route 3

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