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Navigating the North Country

Come on in, and make yourself at home! Welcome to All Points North, an encompassing, educational,
and quarterly online magazine that is run by a diligent cross-section of Plattsburgh State University
College scholars. Enjoy a slice of life from our neck of the woods - Plattsburgh, New York;
Lake Placid, New York; Burlington, Vermont; and Montreal, Quebec.

Meet all of the editors and writers who have made All Points North what it is over the years.

Born and raised among the strip malls of Vestal, N. Y., Shaun Kittle moved to Plattsburgh after a two-year stint in Buffalo made him realize that crime and industrial waste do not make good neighbors.  Since then, Shaun’s affinity for the mountains has grown as he has explored the Adirondacks, his new, more welcoming neighbors.  In an effort to combine some of his favorite interests, Shaun is a senior majoring in ecology and magazine journalism with a minor in expeditionary studies.  He hopes to one day utilize all three in a way that will connect people to the natural world around them in an entertaining and informative manner.  Determined to defeat boredom at any cost, Shaun has many interests which include playing the drums, skiing, hiking and backpacking, experimental music, travel, camping, cooking, snowshoeing, Halloween, live music, coffee, and Slayer.  This is his fifth semester with All Points North and his second semester as Editor-in-Chief.



Shaun Kittle

Back to Nature
Crab Island’s Story
A Hike Up Bald Peak
A Decade of Succession
The Day the Dead Came to Burlington

The Moonlight on Moonshine
Remembering Adirondac

Nicholas Persad is a magazine journalism major in his senior year at SUNY Plattsburgh. He is from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, so he is still getting use to the unpredictable weather of the North Country. He has written for both student-run publications on campus, All Points North (Print) and Cardinal Points. He has also written for the Press-Republican. Upon graduating next semester, he hopes to move to New York City and work at a magazine focusing on entertainment reporting. When not writing stories, Nicholas can be found spending quality time with friends and family, watching horror movies, or fueling his desire for adrenaline-pumping activities.



Nicholas Persad

Seeing is believing...or is it?
A city girl at heart, Priscila Ortiz has lived in the Lower East Side of Manhattan for 20 years. A sophomore magazine journalism major, she is excited to write for APN. She first realized her passion for journalism when, at the age of 16, she attended a press conference in her neighborhood. Clearly the youngest person in the room, she felt comfortable sitting among the journalists shouting their questions at the politicians. She made her decision at that moment and never turned back. An active student on campus, Priscila is a Public Relations official for the Latin Student Union, El Pueblo, a senator in the Student Association, and a member of other numerous clubs.

Priscilla Ortiz
Foreign Flavors
Talk Derby To Me
Adirondack Michigan's Plus Gets A+
SPAC Is Where It's At
Extreme Adventure In The Adirondacks
Flower Power
Nothing Uncommon About Uncommon Grounds
Antiquing in the 'Burgh

Carey Vanderborg is a senior magazine journalism major at SUNY Plattsburgh. He is from Long Island, N.Y., and transferred to Plattsburgh as an upper level sophomore. During his years at Plattsburgh, Carey has been published in Cardinal Points, as well as an independent online music editorial site called GreenShoelace.com. While at the New York-based website, he served as a staff writer during the summer of 2009 and still contributes reviews and press releases to the site. Carey is very interested in music journalism and travel journalism, as he takes quite an interest in cultural diversity. In May 2011, Carey will complete his undergraduate studies at SUNY Plattsburgh, and hopes to obtain a staff writing position at a travel publication or television network.


Carey Vanderborg

Al's French Frys: An American Classic
Eating Healthy In Plattsburgh

Home Away From Home
North Country Winter Brews
Bobby’s Lounge

Alyse Whitney is a magazine journalism student at SUNY Plattsburgh who has a magnetic draw to writing about food and music. She is currently working on the launch of The Lineup, an online music magazine focused on the alternative and indie-rock genres. In her free time, she enjoys listening to new bands, seeing live shows or films, and cooking up a storm in her new kitchen. Originally from a small town near Binghamton, New York, she aspires to move to a big city post-graduation where she will balance culinary school with freelance writing. Although she loves the idea of moving away from her hometown, she will base her future location around the proximity of a Wegmans grocery store to her household.

Alyse Whitney
Tyrannosaurus Theater
Leafing Tradition
Soup-erior Comfort Food
Cupcakes Take the Cake
Nick Will is a writer and SUNY Plattsburgh student. Nick has just joined the All Points North editing staff in the pursuit of a future in the profession. Born and raised four hours from the North Country, he attained a love for the area and its people through his uncle Patrick Will, a former Plattsburgh student. Nick enjoys writing entertainment oriented pieces, and can often be seen at local shows and open mics that allow the admittance of people under the age of 21. Nick is also one to seek the continuation and preservation of cultural and social trends of past generations, almost to an annoying degree. He hopes to one day write in a popular music publication, or perhaps even in some facet of vanguard journalism.

Nick Will
The Face of an Aardvark
Madden Touchdown Pass
Small Business By Day
Ashes to Ashes
Taming a Captured Man

To Beard or Not to Beard
Emmalie Vance, a senior magazine journalism major and graphic design minor, is currently completing her third semester at APN online. Originally from the Buffalo area, Emmalie is trying her hand at web designing for the first time this semester and is coping well with the challenges. Outside APN online, Emmalie has written for several publications, such as Artvoice, Buffalo Spree, Jill, North Country Scene, and Health, Mind & Body. She enjoys reading science fiction, playing the flute, beating RPG computer games, and obsessing over her favorite band, Coheed & Cambria.

Emmalie Vance

Save the Environment: Build a House
When Music and Math Converge
Love Notes
Could You Pass the Royal Blue?
Elephantbear's Fly on the Wall
Homage to Champlain
Fingering It Out
Where to I Do

Abby Oladipo is a New York City based multicultural explorer. She graduated as Valedictorian of her high school and is currently pursuing dual degrees in biochemistry and multimedia journalism at SUNY Plattsburgh. After discovering her love for the sciences in biology and chemistry, and unwilling to give up her love for writing, she decided to pursue both interests. When she’s not doing school related things, she enjoys reading and learning about different cultures. She’s currently attempting to master the Korean language and relishes watching Korean, as well as other Asian dramas. She also enjoys acting, policy debating, playing 3-chain matching games like Zuma’s Revenge, which she admits is the bee’s knees, and would love to travel the world one day. This is her first semester at APN and she is looking forward to the experience.


Abby Oladipo

Raised in Brewster, N.Y., Ryan Ward grew up loving the outdoors and its natural beauty.  During the beginning of his college career, Ryan began to realize his passion for photography.  With these two loves in life Ryan fits in perfectly at SUNY Plattsburgh’s expeditionary studies major and photography minor. Along with his work in the photography minor, Ryan has also been published on the website worldcrushmedia.com, where he has been a photographer for events such as the American Le Mans Series North Eastern Grand Prix at Limerock raceway.  This is Ryan’s first semester with APN online, but he feels comfortable with the tasks of being the online photo editor, and enjoys the work.


Ryan Ward

Photo Archives:
The Unbeatable Baxter's Bagels
Localizing Decency
What Fruitful Things the Land Brought
What Goes Around, Comes Around



Felicia Bonanno

Felicia Bonanno, more commonly known as “Flea”, is a freshman at SUNY Plattsburgh, majoring in multimedia journalism and cultural anthropology. She grew up in and around Saratoga Springs, N.Y., the place to which she attributes her love for both city and country life. Journalism combines her two greatest loves of writing and helping people. She hopes to someday travel and use journalism to write about third world countries, calling attention to struggles that people often don’t think about. Some of her other interests include ballet, reading, volunteering, and snowboarding.


Sharing the Adirondacks
Math, Literature, and...Sheep Flock Management?
Hallways and Tulle
Above Reality
Children of the Forest


Liz Davidson

Liz Davidson, a freshman magazine journalism major, is writing for APN for the first time this semester. She was born in southern California, but she has spent the last 12 years living in Westchester, N.Y. Her favorite hobbies include hiking, reading, writing, antique shopping, canoeing, and going to concerts. After graduation, she hopes to find work at a lifestyles magazine in order to write about the things she enjoys most: art, cooking, traveling, and design.

Freedom is in the Air
Italian, Around the Corner
Localizing Decency
Italy, Around the Corner
I Got A Bird That Whistles, I Got A Bird That Sings

Around and Around


Caitlin Fitzpatrick

Caitlin Fitzpatrick was born in Staten Island, N.Y., but moved to Long Island as a child where she still lives. She is in her senior year at SUNY Plattsburgh majoring in newspaper journalism.  Caitlin hopes to work as a writer or for a publishing company in New York City someday. She has been published many times in the newspaper The Saratogian where she recently had an internship. She has been a sister of the sorority Sigma Delta Tau since her freshman year. Besides hanging out with her sisters, her hobbies include watching reality television, reading magazines, cooking, working with rescued animals, and spending time with her boyfriend.  This is her first semester writing for APN and she is looking forward to sharing her writing with the public. 

A Taste of Downstate Here in Plattsburgh
A Circle of Giving
The Iconic Canfield Casino
The Life and Music of the King
Full Steam Ahead!


Eva Mizer

Eva Mizer came to Plattsburgh from the hills of Ithaca, N.Y. Studying digital media, photography, and journalism at SUNY Plattsburgh, she has been writing for All Points North for one year. She specializes in investigative reporting, festival reviews, and in-depth editorials. Outside of writing, she enjoys the arts, dancing, swimming, cooking, singing, drawing, and traveling.

From Tree to Table: The Apple Pie
Rescue: The Plight of Unwanted Horses
Caught in a Bind: The Debate of Trapping
Keene on Pumpkins
Making It Their Own
Blight in the Garden
Banning the Breed
Worst of the Wursts
Rescue: From Pits to Pets
It Takes a Village to Raise a Chive
The Balm in My Bag

Health from the Hive
Lights Bring New Life To Old Ligthouses
Bombs Away!


Adam Patterson

Adam Patterson was born in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. and was raised on a small horse ranch about 15 miles from the hospital. He enjoys simple things in all of their forms; music, literature, art, philosophy, music, and outdoor activities. He came to Plattsburgh with the intent of sharpening his writing skills with the journalism major, switching from a newspaper to magazine concentration, and looks forward to his first semester of APN online.

Spreading the Word
Courage In and Out of Uniform
Late To The Party
It's All Good?
Taking Flight
Home Grown Bluegrass
Built Ford Tough
A Quilt of Connections
Faith in Irony
A Taste of Home, Indeed
Finding Eden
Putting the “Star” in Post-Sta
Pizzeria Heaven

A sometimes-tethered relationship
A Sometimes-Tethered Relationship
They Come, They Saw,They Conquer


Elaina Robinson

A junior public relations and digital media major, Elaina hails from the small town of LaFargeville, N.Y., just 20 minutes north of Watertown, N.Y. This is her first semester with APN online, and is excited to be part of a magazine, which one day she hopes to work for. With a graphic design minor, Elaina enjoys all things design and creativity based. Last semester she attended Kingston University in London, England as part of a study abroad program, where she traveled across Europe and escaped the harsh temperatures that residents of Plattsburgh have known and come to expect. In her free time, Elaina enjoys scrapbooking, biking, four-wheeling, her mom’s world class home meals, and hanging with her family and friends.

A Very Cool Place Indeed
Spring into Vermont’s Maple Season
Sweethearts on the vine

The Smoked Pepper: Authentic Mexican Dishes
Grapes with Extra Layers


Jaime Thomas

Jaime Thomas is working on her second degree, magazine journalism. Her first bachelor's degree is in French, with a minor in photography.  She grew up in Massachusetts, but fell in love with the North Country through much of her childhood spent at a family home there.  She loves living in and around the Adirondacks, and spends as much time outdoors as possible.  Jaime has written and taken photos for both All Points North and Cardinal Points. She loves traveling and taking pictures, and hopes to make a career out of the two somewhere down the line.


ROTA Art Gallery
Shadows Walking
PRIDE of Ticonderoga
Hot Yoga

How to Spend a Day in the Adirondacks for Under $50


Nicole Weber

As someone who believes everyone has a purpose and a place on earth, Nicole Weber also believes everyone has a story to tell.  Nicole enjoys writing about anything and anyone, and will try to convey to you her interests with the intention of inspiring some of your own. Nicole's interests are varied, and include conservation, environmental reporting, entertainment reporting, and psychological discoveries.  She was born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., and is currently a magazine journalism major and an environmental science minor at SUNY Plattsburgh.

Environmental Efforts in the North Country
Puppy Love & Paw Power
"Feathered Friends"
Adirondack Regional Theater
Honoring Native American Tradition
All Aboard the Adirondack Scenic Railroad
Magic Within A Caboose
All Dogs go to Heaven
Learning the Rhythm
Buried Treasure
What Fruitful Things the Land Brought
Sauger Return to Swim Again?
Dance Your Way into Shape This Summer
A Day of Flowers and Butterflies
Thrifty, Trendy Threads for the Summer






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