"Feathered Friends"

Take a walk through an art exhibit dedicated to birds

Story and photo by Nicole Weber

As I walked down Brinkerhoff on my path to Plattsburgh’s Public Library, I heard a few birds chirping. The drizzle of the rain must have kept them from singing today. I thought about all the birdhouses I would see in the public art exhibit “Feathered Friends.” Maybe someone on Brinkerhoff would buy a birdhouse. Maybe then the birds could sing from inside their home.

When I get inside the library the display isn’t too hard to find. Straight in the back past the front desk and three rows of bookshelves are decorated with 49 pieces of artwork.

Going through the pieces one by one there were some similar designs, but for the most part each piece was unique and detailed in its own way.

what's this pic about?

Welcome to Feathered Friends. (Birdhouse for bids with a note on the left saying "Great Mother's Day gifts."

Starting at the top, piece number one was a birdhouse that is very unique, organic, and one I have never seen before. Yolanda Kinelly hollowed out, dried and waterproof coated a cucuzza squash. The Cucuzza is a very long and narrow, bark-like squash. I would estimate the one on display is around 4 feet tall. At the bottom of the squash there is a hole and a perch so that any small bird could fly right in and spend a night.

Further down the aisle is piece number six, “Spring Smiles” provided by Susan King, is a blue painted birdhouse with a white picket fence. The house has multicolored-smiling flowers and two frogs that sit around the house and behind the fence. This birdhouse would be a colorful addition to a backyard or a front porch, and it would be great for small birds since it has three openings and perches.

“Honey Hut” is a gourd birdhouse displayed as piece number eight. Lenora Smith painted rose bushes, windows and a door for the birdhouse. The piece is very cute and would be easily accessible for small birds.

Another piece by Lenora Smith, who contributed several pieces, is “St. Peppers.” The piece is very life like and would be great for even indoor décor. The birdhouse is very detailed with painted cobble stone bricks, drawn on shingles, hinged doors, and the usual circle cut out bird entrance on the top of the roof.

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Alice Church walking through and admiring the art pieces.

Kit Booth contributed, “Baby Blue Jay”, which is without a question a piece that took a lot of time, effort and thought to make. “Baby Blue Jay” is a carved blue jay (to no surprise) that is standing on a piece wood. The blue jay is very realistic and could even be considered flawless. If “Baby Blue Jay” were placed in someone’s living room it would definitely be something friends, family, and neighbors would admire.

“Affordable Housing” is piece number 43. Decked out with fake dollar bills and a quarter or two, and roofed with pennies, this birdhouse can house three birds. Three apple-shaped openings painted in bright yellow green and blue front the swanky crib. Whoever stays in “Affordable Housing” will definitely be staying in the coolest nest.

The next piece, starting the third row is a display quilt. The quilt is bird related of course and very vibrant. The fours parts are connected with a green border. The images on the quilt are almost life like and pop-out at you.

Rounding out the collection at piece number 49 is “Blue Bird”, a canvas painting that looks as if it were pastel drawing. The painting is very textured and has a soothing, calming feeling to it. The bird blends in with the background of blue and swirls of branches, but the bird stands out as well. “Blue Bird” seems to be waiting to fly peacefully into the wind. Though the bird looks a little sad I’m sure it will be much happier in someone’s home.

what's this pic about?

"Blue Bird"

Though the majority of the collection features birdhouses, there are also numerous pieces of art that would be great for décor inside or outside of one’s home. From corky knick-knacks, pins, dioramas, and a casual day bag, to hand sculpted figurines and hand painted pieces of driftwood, the exhibit id definitely something to see. Full of color, life, and the artists’ personality, looking at all of the pieces was very enjoyable. Gong to see “Feathered Friends” would be a great way to find a mother’s day gift as the sign suggests, as well as a great day with grandma or grandpa.

“Feathered Friends” will be open for the public up until the Thursday, May 6. If you have any other questions you can call Parks at 518-562-9515




Take a walk through “Feathered Friends”. How many cardinals were displayed?

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