Adirondack Michigan's Plus Gets an A+

Classic dinner food with exceptional taste

Story and photo by Priscila Ortiz

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THE turkey BLT

I walked into the A-frame-shaped restaurant and immediately felt at ease. A waitress with tired eyes and a beaming smile sat my friend, Emma, and me down at a small booth. It was a lazy Tuesday afternoon and a few elderly couples filled the booths beside the wide windows. The waitress handed us the menus and our stomachs grumbled in anticipation.

Adirondack Michigan’s Plus is a family establishment. The stack of coloring books and crayons on a table I saw when I walked in gave that away. Upon scanning the menu, I was already getting the feeling that I would be back many times. “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Served All Day” at the top of the menu, it consisted of typical diner food, but the prices were anything but typical.

Before even walking in, I had my heart set on a turkey BLT, while Emma ordered a bacon and egg sandwich on a bagel. As we waited for our orders to arrive, I took in the ambience of the restaurant. U2’s “With Or Without You” was playing over the speakers and everyone from children to the elderly were either visibly enjoying their food or in the middle of conversation. White Christmas lights hung from the roof, giving the inside of the restaurant a warm glow.

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bacon, egg and cheese sandwich

Within a few minutes, my turkey BLT was placed in front of me. It was not only a feast for my stomach but a feast for my eyes as well. For costing about $5, this was one juicy sandwich. So juicy in fact, that an elderly man was getting out of the booth to leave and felt he had to say something. “Whoa,” he said. “That is one good-lookin’ sandwich! I think you might need some help with that,” he said between chuckles.

“Definitely not,” I replied, before taking a huge bite.

I don’t want to resort to clichés and say, “It was an explosion of flavor in my mouth,” but…it was an explosion of flavor in my mouth. The etiquette my mom instilled in me as a little girl went out the window, and an emphatic “MMM!” escaped my mouth. I savored every bite of that sandwich.

Emma offered a bite of her bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, and I accepted (you know, for journalism’s sake). As soon as my taste buds got a bit of the action, the first word that popped into my mind was “fresh”. It tasted like it was just made using the freshest ingredients. Take down some notes, Ronald McDonald

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pineapple cream custard pie

After we finished our meals, the waitress came back and asked if we would like to have any dessert. Emma and I looked at each other, and though we were thoroughly satisfied, the low prices were pretty inviting. She ordered a peanut butter pie, and I, pineapple cream custard. Both were light and airy and absolutely satisfying.

So if you’re in the mood for classic diner food, but don’t want to settle for mediocrity, head over to Adirondack Michigan’s Plus.

What's your favorite item on a diner menu?

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