Food Fixes: DIY Beauty Hacks Found in Your Kitchen

By Sage Lewandowski

Spend no more time and money on abrasive and costly beauty products to cure troublesome beauty problems. Just raid your kitchen!  

Whiten Fingernails with Lemon

With each year that passes, and with each manicure you receive, your nails become a little weaker, and even start to turn yellow. This phenomena can be caused by a wide variety of factors from sickness and infection, to smoking and stains from nail polish dyes. Whatever your affliction may be, there is a solution, and it is totally natural!

Fresh lemons from any grocery store or farmstand will do! If you have any cuts or openings on your fingers or nail beds, be cautious. The same acidic juices that lift stains will sting open wounds. Photo by Sage Lewandowski

Take a slice of fresh lemon and rub it across the nails you wish to whiten. The acidity from the citrus in the lemons works powerfully to lift stains from fingernails. If you have any cuts or openings on your fingers or nail beds, be cautious. The same acidic juices that lift stains will sting open wounds.

Tame Unruly and Frizzy Hair with Mayonnaise  

I know how this sounds … but bear with me. Mayo has a high oil content and is also rich with proteins from eggs. Shampoos and conditioners, which can contain harsh dyes and parabens, can ultimately make your hair dry and brittle. Using this food as a hair mask works in conjunction with a regular beauty routine. It feeds your hair the healthy diet it needs to stay luscious.The oils and proteins found in mayo leave hair incredibly soft, shiny, detangled and manageable.

Be sure to stay clear of Miracle Whip when using a mayo mask, as it has a considerably lower oil content and will not be as effective in smoothing your hair. Photo by Sage Lewandowski

After shampooing, lather 1 tablespoon of mayo into your hair, paying special attention to the roots and ends (where hair gets most frizzy). Let the mayonnaise sit for three to five minutes while you shower, to allow your hair to absorb all of its nutrients. Rinse thoroughly and shampoo your locks one last time to remove remaining smells.

Once you overcome the fact that you are putting this staple of the American diet into your hair, you can relax with the silky, soft results. Use this mayo treatment as a substitute for conditioner once a month.

*Be sufe to stay clear of Miracle Whip when using a mayo mask, as it has a considerably lower oil content and will not be as effective in smoothing your hair.

Clear Up Acne with Honey

Honey has been praised for its healing qualities for centuries, especially by the Ancient Egyptians who recognized the sweet substance as having antibacterial properties and used it in foods and  health care. Today, honey still has a special place in our cabinets, but not as much on our bodies. The extremely concentrated glucose content in honey attacks and eradicates acne-causing bacteria deep within the pores.

The darker the honey, the more antioxidants it contains and the better it will work to clear up your skin! Photo by Sage Lewandowski

Slather a light layer of honey on your entire face and let it dry for about 10 minutes. Make sure to pull your hair back to avoid any loose strands falling into your mask! The mask comes off effortlessly when rinsed with warm water and immediately leaves skin feeling moisturized. For a continuously glowing and clear complexion, use a honey mask once a day until you get desired results.  

*The darker the honey, the more antioxidants it contains and the better it will work to clear up your skin!

Tea Bags for Under Eye Circles

We’ve all suffered from this one. Whether you’re not getting enough sleep, are dehydrated, are exposed to the sun for too long, or even chronically rub your eyes, chances are you’ve seen these brown, purple or blue circles lurking under your eyes. Chilled tea bags can help keep your under eye region bright and elastic without breaking the bank on serums and cover up. Caffeinated tea works best. The caffeine not only shrinks blood vessels under the eyes, which cause puffiness, but it also stimulates circulation for healthy blood flow to the area.

For best results, use green tea bags. According to, they contain EGCG (Epigallocatchin Gallate), a special “compound” which reduces fluid build up. Photo by Sage Lewandowski

For this trick, wet two tea bags and drain all liquid from them. Put the bags in your refrigerator for about 15 minutes. When they’re cold, place them under your eyes. Leave them on for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove and rinse area afterwards. This should be repeated two to three times a day.

*For best results, use green tea bags. They contain EGCG, a special enzyme, which reduces fluid build up.

SUPER FOOD: Coconut Oil for … Everything!

There are few products that are as versatile as coconut oil. This lovely smelling substance can be your easy and affordable solution to healthy skin and hair.

“I can’t recommend coconut oil enough, says Ali Murray, certified crystal healer and a Level III reiki practitioner. “It can be used for literally anything — hair, skin, and it can even be used to make a homemade toothpaste.”

As a healer, Murray has a frequent and close connection with the human body and a certain understanding of Earth’s natural resources and energies and how they can work to keep people spiritually and physically healthy.

This magical super-food can be purchased at all grocery stores and is a good investment item for any food pantry! Photo by Sage Lewandowski

Some Natural Coconut beauty ideas:

  • Coconut oil is antibacterial and is extremely efficient as a deep cleanser. Mix 2 tablespoons of flour with equal parts coconut oil and milk. This creates a mask which works best when slathered generously across the face and left for 15 minutes. The oil will deeply penetrate the skin and nix microbial infections.
  • ”Coconut oil can also be used as makeup remover very effectively, as it’s great for the skin.” Murray says. Coconut oil acts as a degreaser and can remove even the most stubborn makeup. Dip a cotton ball in the oil and rub away your day’s makeup. Rinse away excess oil with soap and warm water.
  • The high levels of natural saturated fats in coconut oil stimulate growth in hair follicles while giving locks a smooth texture.
  • ”Many people don’t know that you can actually stop using grocery store shaving cream and just use coconut oil instead to shave your legs,” Murray states. Just slather on while showering and shave as usual. Imagine taking shaving cream off of your list entirely. How much money would you save?

Bonus Hack!

Ayurvedic (Ancient Chinese and Indian Medicine) face mask paste:

Mix these ingredients into a face mask that will deeply exfoliate, remove dead skin cells and stimulate healthy skin growth.   

  • 2 tablespoons chickpea flour
  • ¼ teaspoon triphala powder
  • 1/8th teaspoon turmeric
  • ¼ teaspoon of dried mint leaves 

This mask is recommended by Elise Baer, an environmental studies major and a botany, nutrition and food and farming minor, as well as a part time yoga instructor, at Plattsburgh State University in Plattsburgh, N.Y.. She has a deep understanding of the human body and the natural fuel and remedies it needs.

As consumers, we spend massive amounts of money on harsh, chemical-filled beauty products when everything our body needs to thrive has been organically produced by Mother Nature. A healthy and cost-effective way to treat your most annoying beauty problems can be found no further than your pantry.  


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