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Nickie Hayes is a junior at SUNY Plattsburgh from Poughkeepsie, New York. She has a major in fitness and wellness leadership, with a minor in journalism. Her interests include boxing and mixed martial arts, along with writing, traveling and the outdoors. She is also an avid anime enthusiast. For her career she hopes to combine her major and minor, writing within the health, wellness and fitness industry.

sydney hakes

Deputy Editor

Sydney Hakes is the deputy editor for APN. She is a journalism major from Corning, New York. Since transferring to SUNY Plattsburgh in 2021, she has gotten to know the Plattsburgh community by interviewing and featuring different individuals and events both on and off campus. For her career path, she hopes to continue with a focus on art, culture and community in any city or town she ends up in. When she is not busy with school or work, you can usually find her cooking or crafting something.

Aissatou lo

Social Media Editor

Aissatou Lo is the social media editor for APN and is a junior at SUNY Plattsburgh. She has a major in public relations and loves to write style pieces for APN. In her free time she enjoys pasta and watching “The Office”. Those two things can always make her days better. She also loves online shopping.

Michael hlopko

Staff Writer

Michael Hlopko is a staff writer for APN this semester with a major in journalism at SUNY Plattsburgh. Hlopko loves to write stories and creative writing is one of the things he has always excelled at. In his free time, he does a lot of work on the Steam Workshop, making custom content for his favorite PC games. If you’ve ever used the Steam Workshop for Project Zomboid before, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across some mods he has helped work on. When Hlopko is not writing or gaming, he is usually outside, going on a long walk or hike. It helps clear his head, and gives him a moment of solitude that he often needs to get into a writing state of mind.

McKenzie murphy

Staff Writer

McKenzie Murphy is a staff writer at APN this semester with a major in journalism and minor in environmental science at SUNY Plattsburgh. Her favorite topics to write about are anything to do with nature and travel. In her free time she likes to play one of five instruments: flute, piano, ukulele, saxophone, and the guitar.

Kiyanna noel

Staff Writer

Kiyanna Noel is a staff writer for APN. As well, she has a major in magazine journalism at SUNY Plattsburgh. Her favorite categories to write in are opinion or arts and culture. However, Noel also loves writing about music and writing poetry. A fun fact about her is that she loves the color pink and she always has at least two pink accessories on her at all times. 

jeremy binning

Staff Writer

Jeremy Binning is a staff writer for APN this semester and has a major in Journalism at SUNY Plattsburgh. His favorite categories to write about are sports and music. As well, Binning recently started training in mixed martial arts. He was always interested in the sport, as well as other sports, but loves MMA the most. He also likes to make music with his friends.

Ashley St. john

Staff Writer

Ashley St. John is a senior majoring in magazine journalism with a minor in photography. She’s also the current Vice President of Finance in her sorority, Alpha Phi. After she graduates, she hopes to work at a local magazine in her hometown and eventually work up to a bigger magazine like National Geographic or Cosmopolitan. She loves photography and would like to incorporate that into her work. She also loves to read, cook, bake and just hang out with friends and family. 

joel garcia

Staff Writer

Joel Garcia is a staff writer for APN this semester and has a major in digital media production at SUNY Plattsburgh. His favorite things to write about are video games and anything that has to do with cameras. Currently, Garcia is pursuing his passion for video editing and creating.

Katie Kallamni

Staff Writer

Katie Kallamni is a junior at SUNY Plattsburgh and is majoring in journalism. She plays lacrosse for the school and enjoys the outdoors and traveling. Often she will be tuned in to Spotify when not doing work, watching a movie, working out or hanging out with friends. Kallamni hopes to in the future work on a short film or book, see new cultures and work for a cause.

melanie lanzo

Staff Writer

Melanie Lanzo is a staff writer for APN this term. She has a double major in journalism and public relations, along with a minor in communications at SUNY Plattsburgh. Her favorite categories to write in are love and relationships and opinion. She is a part of two clubs on campus (PABJ and KINKS). As well, Lanzo is a sister of the Zeta Kappa Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorported.

hayden sadler

Staff Writer

Hayden Sadler is a staff writer at APN this semester. He has a major in Journalism at SUNY Plattsburgh. His favorite topic to write about is people and their cultures because he finds that most interesting. As well, a fun fact about him is that he used to help manage a deli in Skaneateles, New York.

Gabriel Abosi

Staff Writer

Gabriel Abosi is a staff writer for APN and has a major in digital media production at SUNY Plattsburgh. His favorite topics to write about include pop and black culture. When he is not writing, you can find Abosi working on his craft, film making.

Peculiar Joseph

Staff Writer

Peculiar Joseph is a staff writer at APN this semester. She has a triple major in political science, biomedical sciences and entrepreneurship at SUNY Plattsburgh. Joseph favorite things to write about are within the realms of health and science. As well, a fun fact about her is that she loves to talk and interact with new people.

Shelby Disla

Staff Writer

Shelby Disla has joined APN as a club this semester. She has a major in communication studies with a double minor in social justice and gender and woman studies at SUNY Plattsburgh. Disla loves reading and writing about topics on those whose story is not typically shared by those who experience it and written by those who experience it. Sharing stories the authentic way, not the reworded way. She is passionate about anything and everything she does. She likes to make sure what ever she does is effective and true to her values. As well, she is the Vice President of Fuerza: The Black & Latinx Student Union.


Jack Downs

Jack Downs is faculty adviser and instructor for All Points Now. He teaches journalism at SUNY Plattsburgh and has more than 30 years experience in daily newspapers, including web production, audio and video. He enjoys hiking, cross-country skiing and kayaking. He is married and has three daughters.

Letter from the Editor:

Hello and welcome to All Points Now, otherwise known as APN!

My name is Nickie Hayes and I am the Editor-In-Chief at APN for this semester. This is my third semester writing for APN. Previously, I was a staff writer and then the deputy editor. Our staffers and editors are able to have meetings in person again, working safely through this pandemic. I am currently studying in Oregon through one of SUNY Plattsburgh’s programs, but I am able to meet with the staffers in an online format. 

This semester we have a few returning staff writers and editors. We also have many brand new staff writers with bright ideas to bring you bold and unique content. Be sure to check our newest articles. We have some great reads coming your way!

However, a thank you is in order for our readers, as we would not be here without you! We appreciate your continued support for our student run magazine. I would also like to thank our new and returning writers for creating and producing media for APN.

I am thrilled to be working with a great staff and doing what we love to do, and I hope you are eager to see our latest content.

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