Eating Efficiently



Special K Oatmeal Cup- A hot, filling, fiber-rich meal that is the perfect size for you.  Raisins, nuts, a splash of milk, a dab of butter and brown sugar (or maple syrup) really go a long way.


K-cup Coffee- Get your morning boost without making a whole pot.  Adding in hot cocoa mix makes a great mocha combo!


cheese & crackers & grapes

Crackers, Cheese & Grapes- Grapes contain antioxidants and there are a variety of healthy cracker options available. Maybe have a little throwback and buy some crazy spray cheese.

pretzels & apple

Pretzels & Apple- You can get your sweet and your salty fix at the same time as well as some antioxidants. Peanut butter or caramel also complements apples really well.

pita chips

Pita Chips- Always a good guilty pleasure to have on hand. Plain ones go great with spinach artichoke dip!

trail mix

Trail Mix- A good source of protein and depending on the variety, it may include a sweet morsel or two. You can also experiment and make your own!

carrots & dip

Carrots & Dip- A healthy dose of vitamin A, fiber and antioxidants with some added flavor.  Snap peas or snow peas are a solid substitute.


yogurt & granola

Yogurt & Granola- Get your probiotics with some added texture. If you have fresh fruit available, upgrade it to a parfait!

soup & crackers

Cup O’ Soup & Crackers- Perfect for a cold or rainy day and the perfect portion. If it’s tomato soup, melting in some cheese and opting for gold fish is the way to go.

easy mac

Easy Mac Cup- Because everyone needs to feel like a kid sometimes. Have leftovers? Add ground beef and taco seasoning or chicken and hot sauce to spice things up!


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