“How Do You Like Them Apples?”

It’s fall time, which means light sweaters, falling leaves and of course, apples. Nothing says fall like biting into a crisp sweet apple on a cool breezy day. Fall is the perfect time to go apple picking with your friends while also trying some delicious food. Having the two combined makes the fall season seem flawless. Everyone’s traditions of autumn may be making apple pie and having some apple cider during this season, but there are tons of creative ways to enjoy this lovely fruit. Here are four new ways to see apples differently this fall.

  • Change Leaves Salad

Need to add extra crunch to your salad? Skip the croutons and instead chop up some fresh apples and toss it in your salad mix. If you want to make your salad festively fall, chop up yellow, red and green apples to match the changing leaves outside. Nina Sullivan, owner of Bankers Orchard, a local Plattsburgh apple orchard, states that the best apples for your salad would be Cortlands. “There are soft but this type of apple doesn’t breakdown its shape when it’s chopped,” says Sullivan.

  • Apple Sandwich

Do you like sandwiches but are looking for a way to cut carbs? Not a big fan of wheat bread either? Make a sandwich out of apple slices! It’s tastier and provides a great spin on your average lunch habits. Cut up a large apple and core the seeds out. Then add peanut butter, toasted grain and raisins to have a healthy and filling snack.

  • Apple Ice Tea

Nothing tastes better than cinnamon apple spice tea to put you in that fall mood. You can pick up a package at your local store and enjoy a cup. However, if ice tea is more of your thing, add a small half cup of apple juice to your tea. Not only does it add more flavor, but it will help you stay away from adding an excessive amount of sugar.

  • Replacing Sugar and Oil with Applesauce

Cake is a great dessert to have during any holiday season. However, having the same cake every year can get kind of dull after a while. One way to switch up your recipe is by adding applesauce in the place of any oils and sugar. By adding applesauce to your mix, your cake will be healthier and more fall appropriate.

With so many new apple recipes now at your disposal, you will become a regular Johnny Appleseed amongst your friends and family. Not only are they great on their own, apples make a notorious and delectable spin on any meal they are added to. So grab a bag and try these tasty ideas.

Story and photos by Cierra Patterson

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