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In Our Opinion: Tunes for Toning

Let’s face it, at the gym we need something to get (and keep) us moving. No sappy love songs, certainly nothing that will cause us to think about our past or current relationship problems. What we need is music that keeps us hyped with a fast beat, not something that inherently leads to zoning out over how boring working out is. Hype! Where is the hype? Here we have a list of APN staffers’ go-to workout songs that keep their energy up.

Taylor Rock

Catch Me by Yellow Claw & Flux Pavilion  (ft. Naaz)

EDM, electronic, house, trap, catch me, yellow claw, flux pavilion, naaz
Photo credit: Youtube

Genre: EDM

It’s no secret that “club drugs” frequent the electronic dance scene. Typical side-effects are increased heart rate, tingling sensations and an elevated, happy buzz. My senior superlative in high school was “least likely to workout.” Kidding. But thinking about running makes me vom. Here’s an equation for the mathematicians: EDM + runner’s high = jubilation. It’s like being at a dance party (one that sucks because you’re exercising) with an artificial high to push through the pain and suffering. “Catch Me” has some pretty great bass-drops to ensure the highest degree of treadmill fist-pumping.

drake, summer sixteen, rap, hip hop
Photo by: Ron Turrene

Summer Sixteen by Drake

Genre: Hip Hop

Drake absolutely kills it in just about everything these days. In “Summer Sixteen,” he goes off on his foes, such as Meek Mill (haters gon’ hate), letting them know he’s at the top and that’s the way it’s going to stay because DRAKE IS GOING TO SLAY. This song gets my blood flowing, pumps me right up and has me feeling like a lady boss. The beat is sick (feel better soon) and the lyrics are even sicker (plague status).

Why would I put on a vest? I expect you to aim for the head.

Plus, I think it’s outright hilarious that DJ Khaled yells random oddities at the end.

They don’t want us to have a bigger pool than Kanye!

Summer 2016, my body is coming for you. Thanks for my future abs, Drake.

michael calfan, treasured soul, remix

Fernando Ruiz

Treasured Soul (Chocolate Puma Remix) by Michael Calfan 

Genre: Electro House




dead david, i've been waiting, remix

I’ve Been Waiting (Romez & Damark Remix) by Dear David 

Genre: Deep House

Need something to lift your spirits and most importantly, your adrenaline? If you’re looking for that flame from the pit of your existence to enrage, then these two massive, deep electro house anthems will set a roaring fire inside you. I suggest you save these tunes for the treadmill because once the beat drops, you’ll find it hard to stop moving. Essentially, you’ll be so stuck on following the bouncing bass melody that you’ll eventually forget that your water bottle is empty, yours lungs are about to collapse and your legs feel like limp noodles.

Amanda Johnston

The Anthem and Don’t Stop The Party by Pitbull

pitbull, don't stop the party, hip hop, pop
Photo by: Amanda Johnston

Genre: Hip Hop/Pop

Latin flare projects through each of these songs, showcasing Pitbull’s Cuban roots. Both have a constant, bouncy beat and are especially good for the treadmill and elliptical. The steady beat keeps me going. The music motivates me to push through the pain, so I can fit into my old jeans (the ones that fit me when these songs first came out.) If you see me at the gym, chances are I will be listening to these two songs or other music by Pitbull because of the similar energetic beats.

Photo by: Amanda Johnston

Don’t Stop the Party by Pitbull

Genre: Hip Hop

This upbeat party song is a great song to listen to while on the elliptical. It is fast paced and fun allowing me to enjoy my workout. While working out is no party, “Don’t Stop The Party” reminds me to not stop stepping. It motivates me to enjoy my workout and to have a good time. This song motivates me to push through the pain of the workout so I can fit into my old jeans (the ones that fit me when this song first came out in 2012). If you see me at the gym, I will definitely be listening to these two songs and their energetic beats.

Emily Kim

Boy Oh Boy by Diplo & GTA

boy oh boy
Photo by: Emily Kim

Genre: EDM

EDM music never fails to get you moving some part of your body. It’s just an automatic response to this kind of genre. And when I’m working out, I need my body to be moving; it’s just the way exercising works, I would say. “Boy Oh Boy” is the hype-up song that will always get me pumped up to do any exercise. And with verses of Missy Elliot’s classic, “Work It,” motivation becomes effortless. Whether I’m running or doing squats, this song has a way to put all of my energy into 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

paralyzer, finger eleven, alternative rock
Photo by: Emily Kim

Paralyzer by Finger Eleven

Genre: Alternative Rock

Alternative Rock might not be the first genre of choice for most, but for someone like me, who dreads running, albeit outside or on the treadmill, I need a song that will give me something to run about. The song “Paralyzer” is aggressive, and the beat is strong. It puts a certain feeling on me that makes running fun and not so strenuous.


Amanda Little

Udoroth by A Sound of Thunder

a sound of thunder, udoroth, death metal
Photo by: Amanda Little

Genre: Heavy Metal

A metal band with a female vocal lead, Udoroth is sure to get me angry enough to attack the bag with everything I’ve got. Boxing or kickboxing is a great cardio workout and helps get all of my frustrations out. A Sound of Thunder has the energy to keep up.

the mystic's dream, celtic
Photo by: Amanda Little

The Mystic’s Dream by Loreena McKennit

Genre: Celtic
This chill and vibey song grounds and centers me to start my yoga session. Strength and ferocity is all well and good, but without flexibility and discipline, it’s raw and volatile. With light Middle-Eastern elements and siren-like vocals, this song will nearly put me into a trance as I move through my meditation and poses.

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