christian coletti

Digital Age of Music: Q&A with Christian Coletti

APN took a moment to find out how the Internet is changing the music scene, according to Christian Coletti, former member of Youth in Revolt and Lifelines and current member of a rock/metalcore band, which includes members from New York, New Jersey, California, Texas and Florida, and will be announced later this month.

APN: Where did you meet your current and past bandmates?

CC: I met them on social media, mostly Facebook, as we all had mutual friends.
APN: How are you able to record music over such distances?

CC: We either all meet up and write/track together, or we will track our parts from where we’re located and then have the stems (each individual track) sent off to be edited/mixed/mastered by our producer.
APN: How often do you meet up in person?

CC: For some of the projects I was in, I hadn’t even met the guys. For Youth in Revolt and Lifelines, we met up at least three times a month, which was a very boring six hour round-trip from Cairo, N.Y. to meet them in Riverhead, N.Y; Holmdel, N.J; and Baltimore, Md.

APN: Do you find many other groups formed in this manner?

CC: Many bands are signed to a major label before they all met in person or released a song.

APN: How do you think this impacts the dynamics of your band?

CC: Many would assume that long-distance band member relationships would have a negative impact on the band itself. However, it really helps a lot. Social media allows us to find musicians we never would’ve been able to find otherwise.

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