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Five Hair Fails and How to Avoid Them

We have all had bad hair days. We’ve gotten bad haircuts, failed at trying home hair dye transformations and unsuccessfully used our new fancy curling iron. Fortunately, though, we have hairstylists on our side. Here’s a list of some of the worst hair-fails on Youtube. APN asked Katrina Crandall, a licensed cosmetologist and stylist at a JCPenny’s salon in Wilton, N.Y., to explain what went wrong and how you can prevent it from happening to you.

1. Foil Curl Fail:

Crandall said the woman took sections of hair that were too small and rolled them up too tightly. Her advice to people who are trying to do foil curls is to use larger sections of hair to roll up in the foil. This will allow the curls to be bigger and looser.

Original Video: Jacklyn Yasmin

2. Burned Hair:

Crandall explained that the heat setting on the wand may have been too high and that the girl left her hair wrapped around it for “way too long.” Those combined caused her hair to burn off. Crandall recommends having the wand set to a medium setting and only leaving hair on the iron for five seconds at a time.

Original Video: Tori Locklear

3. Self-cut:

“The woman ties off her hair and just starts cutting,” Crandall said. She explained that this will leave the hair choppy and uneven. Crandall advises women who want to cut their hair themselves to always pull the hair straight down from where it grows and then to cut. This helps to make the cut even.

Original video: OhMyGoatness

4. Bleach Gone Bad:

Crandall said there could be a few reasons this woman’s hair started to fall out. She could have used a high-level developer, her hair may not have been in the right shape to handle being lightened or the lightener could have sat on there for too long, causing it to “over process.” This means the product sat so long on the hair that it chemically damaged it and caused the hair to break off or fall out. Crandall instructs people who want to lighten their hair to keep track of how the lightener is processing on the hair. She says if you see any breakage, to wash it out immediately. Also, Crandall  says some lighteners aren’t meant to go under heat, and that could cause the hair to break off.

Original video: Ellie Bond

5. Crimped:

While many may think that crimping is a horrible style to begin with, this woman wanted that crimped style, but it did not come out as she had desired. Crandall said the woman left too much space in between the crimps, and the crimper may not have been the type she wanted. She suggests buying a crimper that will give larger crimps, making sure you don’t leave space between your crimps and brushing it out when you are done.

Original video: PiinkSparkles
Now that we have some ideas of what not to do and how we can make sure we don’t make these same mistakes, our bad hair days will be much less in number.

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