APN’s Picks: Fall Fashion Essentials

Fall, it’s a season of weather confusion. We’re put in that awkward in between warm and cold stage. It’s cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon and freezing again by nightfall. Plus, it’s a season of new beginnings such as school starting back up for some, a new harvest season and new fall fashion trends! With the weather, the trends and the overall awkwardness of the fall season it’s almost impossible to know how to dress. But don’t worry, APN is here with a compilation of our staff’s favorite fall must-haves for this season.

Sarah Trafton’s Picks


Plaid just screams fall. Flannels are warm enough to get away without a jacket on a nice day, but aren’t too bulky to fit under one if need be. They’re easy enough to match with a pair of jeans and  some sneakers, for both guys and girls!



Bombers are really great jackets for that in between weather, and they look a lot sharper than a hoodie. There are several different colors to choose from but black is always a safe bet. Often, they have cute prints on the inside too. You won’t catch me wearing one without combat boots and a beanie!




Keely Breen’s Picks


High Knee Socksfullsizerender-4

Wait right there! Don’t put away all those cute summer dresses, skirts, and shorts just yet! With high knee socks anything is possible, yes, even wearing dresses in the fall.  This fall staple piece offers versatility, comfort, and overall appeal. With an array of colors available, the possibilities are endless. They also pair well with jeans, leggings, and boots. Now, these aren’t ordinary socks; they keep your legs extra warm, add a splash of color to any outfit, and  give you mega style points. Stock up before they are gone!


Knit Cardigansimg_4103

With the beginning of fall comes pumpkin spice everything, haunted houses, bonfires, football games and, of course, chillier weather. But what happens when it’s cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and then cold again at night? Try a knit cardigan. Cardigans allow you to mix and match summer tops with a little something extra. Cardigans are perfect for fall because they are super stylish and ideal for fluctuating temperatures. They match well with jeans, leggings, skirts or can even be worn over dresses. I give knit cardigans a solid 10 on the fall fashion scale, and I highly recommend them for everyone this fall!

Angela Lince’s Picks


Hiking sandals and socksimg_9812

The cold Fall weather kidnaps summer pool parties, tans, and sandals. This is a growing epidemic that we must stop. Thankfully, sandals don’t have to be put away any time soon. Teva, along with other hiking-styled sandal brands, are encouraging socks and sandals. Celeb-stylist, Elizabeth Stewart, goes in-depth on the decorative sock and sandal trend. Stewart’s mission is to carry out the, “summer look of Teva sandals,” into the fall season. She pairs the trend with interesting outfits, such as professional attire. Urban Dictionary might call this “fashion suicide,” but all the cool kids are doing it.


Native American Beaded Jewelryimg_9868

There’s nothing better than adding color to your wardrobe with hand-crafted Native American beaded jewelry. The vibrant beading and character adds a touch of adventure to each outfit. I usually pair these necklaces with flowy, solid color tops, a pair of ripped jeans and boots. The goal is to be as minimal as possible to make the necklace pop. Fall is the perfect time to be colorful, but never go over board.


70s Inspired Topsimg_9813

Calling all 70s babes! Do you like bell sleeves? Peek-a-boo lace? Mustard yellow? If you answered yes to any of those questions, well, I have the top of your dreams.

Mustard yellow is an autumn essential. It’s warm, vibrant, and happy. The bell sleeves reveal your hidden identity — a 1970s personality lost in 2016. If you want to be more subtle, pair the top with dark wash denim skinny jeans. Bell bottoms might make people wonder.

Deja Skipper’s Picks


Combat Bootsimg_0089

Combat boots are perfect for the Fall weather. Whether real or faux leather, this shoe goes great with skinny jeans or leggings. They are comfortable and practical like sneakers, yet have a fashionable grunge look to them making them great boots to wear out with the girls or just while enjoying walks through the beautiful foliage this autumn.


Hoodie’s or sweatersimg_0083

Two Fall top must-haves are hoodies and button-down sweaters. When it comes to hoodies you can wear them with jeans or sweatpants making them the ultimate comfy clothing piece. The irresistibly soft texture makes it easy to snuggle inside your sweatshirt, perfect for chilly Fall weather! Button-down sweaters provide the same comfort as a hoodie but brings more of a style factor. This kind sweater is best worn with jeans. Layer it over a nice top and you’re good to go!


Amanda Johnston’s Picks


Ripped Jeansjeans

Ripped jeans are a Fall fashion must-have. The holes and wear in the jeans gives them a grunge and casual look. Ripped jeans are perfect to wear on a normal fall day with some combat boots, or flip flops if you’re still hanging on to summer and a concert t-shirt or plaid flannel. Wear this style as your fading summer tan peaks through the holes on your knees and legs.


Knee high bootsboots

Knee high boots are too chic to ignore as a Fall staple piece. They are the perfect pair of shoes to wear when your toes start to get too cold in flip flops. Pair them with skinny jeans, leggings or the occasional skirt. These boots were made for walking, and everyone’s going to be jealous of your shoes while you strut your stuff.

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