Apple or Android?

By Keely Breen


Ahhhhhhhhh, the great debates within pop culture! Surely we have heard almost all of them. But with the release of the new iPhone 7, I think it’s time we bring another brawl to light. Can I get a drum roll please … I’m talking about iPhones vs Androids! In order to figure out which cellular device truly reigns supreme, I spoke with four avid cell phone users from both ends of the spectrum to squash this beef once and for all.

iPhone user: Amy Aiken

As a devoted iPhone user for four years, Amy Aiken swears by Apple. On her iPhone 6s, some of her favorite features are iMessaging, the new iOS 10 update and iPhone emojis! Aiken also comments on the user-friendly nature of iPhones, and how easily transferable the knowledge of all the gadgets is from generation to generation. iMessaging allows two iPhone users to communicate more easily and effectively. The brand new iOS 10 update completely changes the texting game! It allows users to send secret messages, where the text is hidden until it is literally touched by the user, drawings and GIFs more efficiently between each other. As far as the emojis go, Aiken says, “iPhone emojis are the classics! Everyone knows them, and everyone loves them.”

The camera quality, specifically on the newer generations of iPhones, is also something spectacular. You can change the focus with one touch, and most everything is high quality and clear. Aiken does wish that the camera was a little clearer while using the zoom feature but with options like slow-motion, time-lapse, panoramas and square photographs, the pros of the camera outweigh the con of the lacking zoom feature. Other than the zoom, she wishes she could change the battery life. It doesn’t last long. Because her phone dies quickly she can wind up in dangerous situations without any way to communicate. Nevertheless, Aiken couldn’t imagine her life without her iPhone, and is thankful to have one!

Rate overall: 7 out of 10

Android user: Reese Jacobs

A faithful Android user, Reese Jacobs is the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4. He favors the Android over the iPhone because of the price. Cost was a large factor in his decision to go the Android route as they are cheaper than Apple iPhones. Jacobs also likes how customizable the Galaxy is. Unlike a typical iPhone, Jacobs can pick and choose different fonts for texting and can even change the messenger colors. Of course there are drawbacks to being an Android user. Due to Jacobs having a slightly outdated version of the android, the camera quality on the Galaxy S4 is less than desirable. In fact, Jacobs rates his Android camera only a four on a scale of 1-10. But in the end, he would take a phone with a large and in-charge screen over a nice camera any day!

Rate overall: 6.5 out of 10

iPhone user: Emily Hura

When asked about the best parts of being an Apple iPhone 5s user, Emily Hura says she loves how iPhones have their own universal language. You can easily switch from an iPhone, to an iPad or Mac computer or vice versa and know all of the tips and tricks and Apple individualities. Hura says the popularity of the phone had an impact on her decision to purchase one.

“Everyone wants the best of the best right? In terms of phones, Apple is simply the best!” she said. She also noticed apps tend to be more compatible with Apple products than with Android products, so there is a wider range of options available for any generation of iPhone. As with anything, there are drawbacks. One of her least favorite things is the delicacy that is required when handling an iPhone. The screens can shatter quite easily if they are accidently dropped. This can end up being a very costly accident. But all in all, Hura loves her iPhone  and wouldn’t choose an Android over it any day!

Rate overall: 9

Android user: Reece Bijou

As a proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S6, Reece Bijou chose to go the Android route to differentiate himself from the cultural norm of owning iPhones. He says he enjoys the amazing camera quality his phone is equipped with. Also, he finds the option of texting with one hand using the slide texting effect extremely useful in various situations.
“Purchasing my android was the best decision I’ve made in the past few years,” he said. One downside to the Galaxy S6 that Bijou found when he first bought his phone was that it was confusing to operate and took him a few weeks to get used to all the features. He also wishes that he could connect his Apple ID to his phone in order to purchase songs, movies and tv shows from iTunes more easily. But overall, there is such a wide variety of customizable options that come with the Android that Bijou simply could not pass up purchasing one!

Rate overall: 8

So, who is the overall victor in this great debate? Well, I guess that depends on what you like to see in a phone. Whether that’s really good camera quality, a large screen, easy adjustment to a new phone or something else you have discovered fits your fancy. I think we can all agree — any phone can be a great phone, as long as it fits your personal style and you make it yours!

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  1. Dominik Kwolczak

    As an experienced Android and iPhone user, if you are new to smartphones or just want something simple and stylish to use then I would recommend the iPhone. However, if you want to do more with your phone I recommend Android. Compared to IOS is open and has many features that iPhones don’t have, For example, you can customise it to your liking as much as you want. Android also has a huge selection of apps, many of which are unavailable to use on IOS.


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