APN’s Christmas Gift Idea List

Each staff member of APN chose two people that might be difficult to buy a holiday gift for. Everyone has that one person that they struggle to find the perfect gift for every year, so we made it our mission to give you a few ideas and make your gift buying experience a little bit easier this holiday season.

Sarah Trafton’s Advice:

For a daughter — To My Daughter with Love From My Kitchen-Recipe Keeper

Photo Courtesy of Susan Branch‘s website.

I received this gift from my mom and thought it was both useful and unique! It features 144 fill in recipe pages so you can spend time together picking out favorite recipes. A perfect keepsake to cherish for years to come, and even pass down one day.

Cost: $45.97

For a boyfriend — Portable Phone Charger

Photo Courtesy of Amazon.


I bought a past boyfriend a Prong Pocket Plug Protective Phone Case with Built-In Charger and he really loved this gift. He was always having to buy new chargers wherever we went, and this was a convenient solution! So for the one in your life who always loses or forgets their phone charger, a portable one is a great gift. 

Cost: around $19.95

Angela Lince’s Advice:

For anyone — Moon Sand

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Scrolling through Instagram, I constantly notice videos of people playing with Play-Doh, Kinetic Sand, and glittery flubber. It’s satisfying, texture and de-stressing powers are good for kids, teens and middle-aged folk alike.

Cost: $8 and up.

For the friend you haven’t seen in years — A Memory Photo Blanket

Photo courtesy of Walmart.

You both may have parted ways after that last goodbye in the college dorm, but that doesn’t end the memories that were once created. Instead of hiding away the photos of the drunken nights and bad haircuts, you can put them on a blanket, for all to see and cuddle.

Warning: This might result in happiness, or anger, the only way to find out is to try.

Cost: $30-$75

Amanda Johnston’s Advice:

For your long-time best friend — A DIY mixed CD

Computer Digital Data Glassy Dvd Cd Disk Blank
Photo Courtesy of Max Pixel website

The CD (yes they do still exist) should consist of the songs you guys used to listen to “back in the day.” This gift would be well accompanied by your friend’s favorite candy and a photo album of the two of you through the years. This is a thoughtful gift that your friend can cherish throughout their lifetime; they can even sync the CD onto their iPhone. They will reminisce and remember the good, simple times in life with their best friend.

Cost: $10-$20 depending on the amount of songs you buy.

For your brother’s girlfriend — A gift basket of various things.

Photo Courtesy of Public Domain Pictures website.

In this gift basket I personally would include some Bath-and-Body Works lotions, a cute winter scarf, gloves and hat combination, a Starbucks gift card and a gift certificate to the couple’s favorite restaurant. This will help her stay warm and stylish in the winter, will provide her with some holiday flavored lattes and will help keep her hands protected from that cruel, drying winter air. The gift certificate to their favorite restaurant allows them to go on a guilt-free date night and spend some quality time together.

Cost: $25-$50

Keely Breen’s Advice:

For Mom — Handwritten Bracelet

Photo courtesy of ivoryMR’s Etsy

This gift is perfect for anyone close to your heart, especially your mother. As a person’s signature and handwriting is so personal and unique, this beautiful piece of jewelry will always remind your loved one of you. Effortless fashion and personalized- what could be better?

Cost: $25.00 and up

For Dad — Yeti Tumbler

Photo courtesy of Yeti‘s website.

The opportunities are endless! From keeping your drink icy cool to helping your coffee stay hot, this tumbler is always ready to go. Its stainless steel design is both functional and fashionable — a true must have for any hard-working man!

Cost: $39.99

There are so many important people to show your love to through gifts during the holidays. Hopefully this list gave you a few new ideas to make your loved ones smile.

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