How to Survive “Friendcation” Planning

Everyone has a dream vacation they have been eager to accomplish but have no idea where to start. With plenty of destination suggestions, different budgets and a group of two or more, things are expected to get complicated. However, if you survive the planning process, the most crucial part of a vacation (or friendcation), everything should fall into place.


Set a Date

The most important step in planning a trip is deciding when to go. Gather your group and figure out which time of the year works out best for everyone. Prices vary based on days of the week, time of month and year. You want to get the best deal for your pocket. According to a study conducted by Sarah Waffle Gavin, head of PR and communications at Expedia, Tuesdays and weekends are the best times to purchase airfare. 

Figure Out Budget

Traveling comes at a cost, but the ultimate goal is to gain something out of your experience that money could not buy. The cost of a trip can be broken down into accommodations, such as transportation, shelter and food. Everything else depends on what the group makes of it. Always add an extra $100 after calculating the exact cost for your trip. It’s better being safe, than sorry. Plus, don’t you want to grab some souvenirs for mom? Independent Traveler’s website has an online calculator that helps budget your trip. Travelocity is another useful resource when wanting to compare airfare rates to other sites and can help you find the best deals.

Explore Options

Are you interested in going somewhere warm like Mexico, Miami or Central America? Or maybe, somewhere cold like Antarctica? Seeing what the weather and culture are like at your destination during that time frame will help narrow down your search and cost!

Communicate & Update

Being sure there is a clear line of communication among all parties involved creates fewer questions and more progress. Create group chats and online documents where everyone has access to insert their findings. This allows everyone to be on the same page. Sometimes, there has to be someone who is a bit more eager to get stuff done, or there will be no progress.

When all is set, book your trip and don’t look back!

The hardest part of booking your trip is the amount of questions and concerns that flood your mind in the process. It’s easy to back out of a new experience, but traveling contributes to being culturally flexible and discovering newfound independence. So hit the “book your trip” button and get excited to escape from normalcy for a few days!


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