The Spring Semester as Told by “That ’70s Show”

Every college student knows the struggle of spring semester: beginning with lots of motivation and slowly getting more and more lazy as the semester drags on. These scenes from “That ‘70s Show” highlight the high and low points in every college students’ spring semester.

When you see your friends for the first time since winter break

Time to party and catch up because you’ve gone so long without your crew.

Enjoying a nice syllabus week of doing nothing

“I’m going to use this week to get a head start on all my work for the semester,” is the biggest lie every student tells themselves before proceeding to watch Netflix for the next seven days.

Avoiding the outdoors because it’s still very much winter

The term “spring” semester can be really misleading. It’s still winter, and it’s frigid out; don’t even think about leaving your dorm without layering up.

Trying to act relaxed while all your work is piling up in front of you

You have three projects, five essays and a presentation to give in the next two weeks, but you’re still going to procrastinate.

When the sweet salvation of spring break finally arrives


Whether you use this week to party it up in Fort Lauderdale or to sit home with your dog and eat your parents’ food, use this blessed week wisely.

Attempting to stay in shape and keep your grades up

Everyone starts to hit the gym in realization that summer is coming, and they’ve been living on a diet of Ramen and coffee for the past three months.

When the weather finally starts getting warmer

“It’s so nice out, I’m going to skip class and sit in the quad.” Warm weather is used as another excuse to skip work and do nothing.

When you inevitably consider dropping out

It’s 2 a.m. and you’re still in the library studying for that big exam tomorrow, who wouldn’t think about dropping out?

When the Finals Week stressing takes over

You realize that you haven’t learned anything all semester and try to learn it all right before the exam while also trying to be healthy and maintain a vibrant social life.

When the semester finally ends

The end of finals week is bittersweet for those who are graduating, but for the rest of us, it’s just time to relax and gear up for the next semester

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