Getting Peeved with APN

There are always going to be things that get on our nerves, but certain things have the ability to irk us more than others.


Here are some of APN’s top pet peeves:

Angela Lince:

Stupid, sorry, stop. These are three words, among thousands, that I truly despise. Why? They give people the opportunity to emphasize the beginning letter, “S.” The sound creates a nails-on-a-chalkboard screech that sends shivers down my spine. I can’t even watch “Family Guy” anymore because of Herbert, the old pervert-man who whistles “S’s” every chance he gets. For years, I’ve dealt with this issue. I’ve discovered that submerging myself in it is the only way for me to get used to it. Yes, it’s painful, but it’s never going to stop.

Brendan Kelly:

My biggest pet peeve is when people constantly have something to complain about.  They are the people who think that their lives are so difficult or that everyone is out to get them or that nothing is their fault.  These people also tend to be the same ones who say, “I want this, but I’m too lazy.”  I just want to force some optimism into these people’s heads and let them see things from a new perspective; they would appreciate everything they do have and lead a much happier life.  It’s worse somewhere else, I promise!

Carla Pimental:

Utensils, do you know how to use them? You might’ve heard somewhere that slurping your soup is a sign of respect, but making sounds while you eat is annoying. “This is tasty,” says a lot more about the food than your sounds. Some people aren’t aware of the noises they make while they eat; sometimes I make sounds too, but if someone tells you it bothers them, you should respect that.

The sound of a fork aggressively scraping against teeth evokes the same sensation as squeaky chalk on a blackboard. I just don’t see how biting the fork is helping you get the food when your goal is to eat the food, not the fork.  

Deja Skipper:

One thing that really annoys me is when people leave chunks of hair in the sink. I understand because I am also a person with a lot of hair, so it is very easy for my hair to shed all over, but all I ask is that if you do, please clean up after yourself! The reason it irritates me is that it just looks so disgusting. Who wants to see that? No one! Ew!

Jainaba Darboe:

My number one pet peeve is when people cut me off while I am talking. For me, it just sends me the message that they are not actually listening to what I am saying. It shows more interest in call and response rather than actual conversation, especially when they refer every single thing back to themselves. It seems they never got over the egocentric stage from their childhood.

Sarah Trafton:

I can’t stand getting stuck behind slow-walkers. I literally get sidewalk rage, especially when people are on their phones or are walking all side by side, hogging the path so you can’t pass. Often I end up cutting off into the grass or weaving between groups of people. I have long grasshopper legs that only go one speed — fast. So move over!


What is something you can’t stand? Comment below!  

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