Game of Thrones: Thoughts, Reactions and Predictions


Game of Thrones is officially coming to an end once the eighth and final season airs. So much has happened since the Season 7 finale premiered, and fans are not happy with waiting two years for the the last season to air. We decided to ask a few fans — Carla Pimentel and Tamara Dean, two SUNY Plattsburgh students, and Jessica Rivera, a police officer — about their thoughts,  reactions to the season seven finale and predictions for the upcoming Season 8. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!  


How do you feel about the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones?

Pimentel: I feel like it was good, but it could’ve been better. They let me down, and I wanted more, especially if I have to wait two years for it.

Dean: I have mixed emotions about it. You want those two characters  (Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen ) to be together, but it’s wrong because — well it’s just wrong! I don’t know; I’m happy and sad about it.

Rivera: I really liked it! It was very action packed, and I love the graphics! I really enjoyed the last two episodes. I was a little shocked one of the dragons was turned by the white walkers — I was really sad about it. I was surprised, but not too surprised, by Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen because I knew they were related — I found out from my friend, who read all the books. Incest seems to be happening a lot on Games Of Thrones.


If you could rate the shock value of the Season 7 finale on a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate it?

Pimentel: Oh, a 9! It was really shocking because as I said, I wanted more…I don’t want to give any disclaimers, but things went down, and you really put two and two together. You can’t wait to find out what their  (Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen ) reaction is going to be when they know the truth!

Dean: I would probably rate it an 8.

Rivera: I would probably rate it an 8 because I’ve been shocked a lot more by Game of Thrones. To me, it was expected to go in the route they did. They have done much more crazier things!

How do you feel and what was your reaction to the two-year wait until Season 8 of the show?

Pimentel: It’s annoying. I feel like they’re only doing it, not to perfect the next season, but to make people wait for it, and to me, that’s unnecessary. People are going to watch the show regardless, and by then, I’m going to forget what happened. Then, I have to rewatch the whole thing. It’s good because I love the show, but at the same time, it’s like, two years?!

Dean: It’s a two-year wait?! I didn’t know that! Well now I’m mad about it! Two years? That’s way too long!

Rivera: I was very upset when I found out we (the fans) have to wait two years for Season 8. Usually it’s one year. It’s annoying.

Do you have any predictions as to what might happen in the final season?

Pimentel: I think everyone is going to die because of the way things are going down. The white walkers are going to take over because they have a dragon, and everything is very stressful right now. I think a lot of important people are going to die.

Dean: Well I’m hoping that Daenerys wins the war and though I don’t want to say it, but I hope the Lannisters, specifically Cersi, gets killed off. I do also fear Tyrion might also be meeting his end.

Rivera: I think that although the dragon is turned, I think Daenrys will still be able to control it even though the dragon might still try to kill her. I also think that she will more than likely have a baby from Jon Snow. I think the baby will be half wolf and half dragon because she’s half dragon and Jon’s half wolf. I also think that Cersi will get assassinated by Arya Stark because Arya wants her gone. So I think that’s definitely going to happen. I even think Daenrys will be the one to rule over all the seven kingdoms.


If you had the power to tell the final story of Season 8, how would you tell it and what would you make the ending?

Pimentel: Even though there’s incest involved — because of the time period — I want Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen  to end up together and have kids. I want more dragons to pop out of nowhere and the white walkers to somehow be nice.  I do know I don’t want any more people, including the villains, to die.

Dean: I don’t know how I would tell it, but I do know I want Daenerys winning in the end and none of my favorite characters, like Tyrion, Jon Snow and none of the people in Winterfell, dying.

Rivera: I would make sure Daenrys  wins the war and rules over the seven kingdoms with Jon Snow. I would make sure Cersi and her little minion dies because she’s evil. Actually, all of the Lannisters, except for Tyrion, needs to be assassinated. Finally, I think then they would all live happily ever after; yeah right!

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