Second-Day Hair Styles

We have all heard it before. Washing your hair every day is one of the worst things you can do to it. It strips it of its natural oils and makes it get greasier, faster. After speaking with hairstylist Adam McCumber, who studied at Paul Mitchell Schools, I learned a few ways to style hair that hasn’t been washed, or “second-day hair.” Using dry shampoo is a great way to keep your hair looking clean. McCumber, recommends the brand Amika for dry shampoo. It’s not gritty, and it doesn’t make the hair look powdery. His favorite way to use it is to apply it to the roots, shake up the hair and toss some curls in there. With these hairstyles below, it will be easier to keep that second-day hair intact. So grab your favorite dry shampoo and be ready for some new ways to vamp up those greasy locks.



Throwing on a hat is one of the easiest ways to cover up that extra oil in your hair. Baseball caps go perfectly with leggings and a basic T-shirt for a more casual look. There are tons of hats to choose from, and they can be extremely cheap.


Photo by Sophia DeVito.




One way to spice up your ponytail is to add cute hair ties! Scrunchies will give you a retro vibe and add a pop of color. Another trick is to wrap a piece of hair around that boring hair tie. It makes it look like you’ve put more effort in than you actually have!


Photo by Sophia DeVito.



Head Scarf

Goodbye headbands and hello head scarfs. Wrapping a headscarf around your head can completely change your entire look. Simply twist and pin it around your head, and no one will be able to tell you haven’t washed your hair. When buying head scarfs, look for ones around the same size as a bandana — they work best.  


Photo by Sophia DeVito.




Braiding your hair is an awesome way to trick people into thinking that it is clean, and it also gets it out of your face. There are so many different ways to braid hair. You can braid each side of your hair and get a more edgy look or just braid two pieces in the front to frame your face. The possibilities are endless.


Photo by Sophia DeVito.




Topknots and low buns are great for dirty hair. Both are easy to accomplish and take no time whatsoever. If you’re dressing for a night out or just grabbing brunch, they are two perfect ways to trick people into thinking your hair is clean.


Photo by Sophia DeVito.



Getting out of the habit of washing your hair every day will be hard. But your hair will eventually adjust and not become as greasy.  Try out these hairstyles and see which one works best for you.

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