Cuffing Season with APN

Tis’ the season to be cuffed! Wait a minute. We aren’t talking about cuffed as in getting arrested; although, that may be the case for some people. We are talking about the great ol’ “cuffing” season, when single individuals hunt for their short-lived significant other. Winter calls for hot coco, festive decorations, cold nights and that one person to snuggle up with. It’s the best time of the year to catch a date because so many people are looking for that special someone to spend the holidays with. Our APN staff talks about what their ideal date would be — whether it’s with someone for the long run or just for the night — just in time for this year’s cuffing season.


Michael E. DeCoste
Staff Writer

My cuffing season date would probably involve a movie and a couple cups of tea or hot chocolate. My girlfriend, Alex, is not one for cold weather in any event; thus, a snowball fight or building snow forts is out of the question. We’d probably grab supper at one of our local restaurants, the Butcher Block or Chinese Buffet, while discussing novels. When it comes to Alex’s imagination, every minute with her is a potential adventure. Towards the end of the day, we’d rent a movie and cuddle on her couch.

Deja Skipper

Social Media Editor


My ideal date during cuffing season is going to a concert. I’m a very selective person with whom I want to see perform live, and the reaction that you’ll have upon seeing these performances will tell me a lot about you. Most of the time when I go to concerts, they’re very high energy and non-stop action. This certainly could be overwhelming to people who don’t attend shows, but personally, it’s too easy to do the whole Netflix “thing.” There’s no real excitement in trying to find a show to watch and settling on something you’ve already seen before. There’s nothing wrong with that, but step out the box, live a little. Cuffing season only comes around once a year.  


John Peralta
Staff Writer

My ideal date during cuffing season would be doing these three things: ice skating, seeing a movie, then eating at a diner. I know some ice rinks can be pretty pricey, so I would definitely do some research to make sure we go on the day with the lowest prices. After skating, I would love to see a new movie in theaters. Of course, it would have to be a film we’d both enjoy. Lastly, since I’m not the type to want to go to a fancy restaurant, we could stop at a local diner. A diner, to me, has the best food at a low price. I’m a pretty simple and content person, so I don’t need many things to do in order to have a nice time.

Emily Kim

Senior Editor


Cuffing season for me has been more of a continuous celebration. Being in a relationship for over two years, “cuffing” has really just turned into “cuffed,” wouldn’t you say? However you want to describe it, the perfect date can never get old. My boyfriend and I have gone on hundreds of dates, so it’s hard to pick the perfect one. But the one thing that is always involved is food. We love to go out to eat, and we definitely take our foods very seriously.

And then there’s the classic New York City Christmas tree date. No matter how cold it gets outside, a date to the city is always a good one. No matter how many times I’ve been there or seen it, I will never say no to the city lights, holiday decorations and the picture in front of the ginormous, sparkling tree. And then after what feels like a long month shivering all my body heat away, my favorite part of the date is going back home with him, changing into sweats, snuggling up into a warm cozy blanket on the couch and watching a movie to end the night. This can always be the perfect date.

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