Money Maker

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Noah Clark showing off his collection.

The simple secrets to making money.

Whether you’re a broke college student or an unemployed graduate sitting around letting money go but never really thinking of ways to get it back, here are tips and tricks on how to make money—without finding a nine to five job.

What’s Mine is Yours

Being roughly one year into the game, I traded my party-filled weekends into shopping gold. By going to various thrift stores, I discover new or almost new brand-name items. I spend less than $10 on each, then mark the item up four times the original price. By selling online, or using an app like Poshmark, I make an extra $100 a month by selling old things that are new to someone else.

Insta Cash

With simply the tap of your finger, you can be making megabucks. Instagram is a cash-making mecca. More attention by followers means more money-making opportunities. Opportunities such as becoming a brand ambassador, paid advertising, and like me, selling a product. It cost you zero to make a post. Compensation may come in the form of gifts, new products to try or even cold-hard cash. If you have the following of a kardashian you could be making an easy  $10,000 to $12,000 a post.

Dog sitting is the new trend for dog lovers who can’t afford one of their own. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to earn some money; a few clicks and the puppy sleepover is in motion.  

Doggy Dog World

A new caretaker in the neighborhood, Stephanie Palacios, said, “It’s a great feeling to take someone’s cute pet off of their hands for the weekend; have fun and gain some cash all in one”. Each starting at about $25 per day. You can choose to be a doggie walker or just in-home visits.

“It was easier than making a Facebook page, a couple of clicks and boom I was done,” Palacios said. Just like Facebook,, allows you to create a profile, write a bio and connect you with tons of puppies waiting for a “Dog Boarding Sitter.”

Trash IsTreasure

Reduce, reuse and recycle. Recycling is another way to make easy money. In your fridge are probably tons of recyclable plastics. Getting disposed of it in the near future, why not separate and recycle them?

“After a month of saving my everyday plastics I earned $30 in extra income,” said Noah Clark, a Saratoga Springs native and valet at the Pavilion Grand Hotel.

“Hundreds of pounds of the plastics we utilize were used once and thrown away,” Clark said. “I feel like I’m always within the reach of at least two water bottles. Have you ever cleaned your room and it’s just a bunch of half filled water bottles? Why not recycle them and collect cash.”

Try not to be hesitant to get on the hunt for odd jobs, as Palacios said, “It was easier than I figured it would be, and also less stressful.”


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