APN’s Backpack Must-Haves

The contents of any college student’s backpack can tell you a lot about them. Maybe it’s a lucky pen that you’ve used on all of your tests this semester, or a stock of snacks for those never-ending two hour and 45 minute classes. Our writers at APN have opened up their backpacks for our readers. We urge you to take a look inside, you may be carrying the same things.


Kaylee Adams

Staff Writer

My backpack either has everything in it or barely anything in it. The days when I do carry everything with me tend to be the days I need none of it; while the days I have nothing are the days I need everything. What are the odds?

     1. Umbrella

The first item that’s always in my backpack is my umbrella. Because it’s always in there, I never use it. Umbrellas quickly become a nuisance if it’s windy, and unfortunately, wind often comes with the rain where I live. Most days I’d rather just be rained on, unless I’m wearing a full face of makeup. That’s a different story.

     2. Lotion
I often carry around fragranced lotion. I am a photography minor and I have to spend a lot of time in a darkroom for film photography. The chemicals I work with make your hands smell for at least a couple days, no matter how often you scrub them. I bring the lotion with me so I can have a short-term solution to the chemical smell.

    3. Lipstick

I also tend to have a lipstick on me at all times, even if I don’t realize it. I have a decently sized lipstick collection with a variety of colors. I often end up throwing a lipstick in my bag and forgetting about it until I want to use that shade again. A couple weeks later I usually think that I’ve lost it. Then a week after that I’ll eventually come across it at the bottom of my bag.


Sophia DeVito

Staff Writer

I always carry a bag with me. Whether it is my school bag or my handbag that holds all the unnecessary items that I typically don’t need, I always have one with me. While my bag is usually chuck full of random things, there are a few essentials that I always have.

  1. Chapstick.

I am a fiend for Chapstick and I rarely ever leave the house without it.

  1. Gum

There is always one friend out of the group that always has gum. That’s me. Mentos spearmint flavored gum is always rolling around in the bottom of my bag.

  1. Lip-gloss

Lip-gloss is one of those things that I cannot live without. I am always reapplying it and making my lips looks extra glossy.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

You never know when you’ll be in a situation where you need to clean your hands but don’t have access to a sink. That’s exactly why I always carry hand sanitizers with me. Maybe it is my extreme germaphobe tendencies, but regardless, it is something that is in my bag at all times.

  1. Sunglasses

Last but not least, sunglasses. Sunglasses are my favorite accessories. It is so much easier to throw them on and skip the makeup for the day. Block the sun and the extra work of makeup all in one.


Teresa Acierno 

Staff Writer

It’s always important to be prepared for whatever situation arises. I try to stay ready for anything that might happen to me by carrying my “emergency” supplies at all times.

  1. Anything Lips

I almost always have multiple different lip products on me: flavoured lip gloss, lip shimmer, lipstick, lip balm. I carry them with me just in case my lips get dry, but also because I never know when my mood will change, and then I’ll want my lip color to change.

  1. Breath-Freshening Items

I also almost always have mints or gum on me. I carry these breath-freshening items with me because it’s hard to feel confident when you’re afraid that your breath reeks of the tuna you had for lunch. I also carry it with me on the chance that I notice a friend’s bad breath; it’s tough love, but sometimes it’s necessary.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

The last thing I always have with me is hand sanitizer. My New Year resolution for 2018 is to not get sick, and carrying hand sanitizer is a way to keep that from happening. I keep it with me at all times and use it every hour or so when I’m going about my day in public. People touch so many germ-covered things every day, and I use my hand sanitizer as a weapon against those germs.


Michael DeCoste

Staff Writer

While a few of these items may depend on what classes the student takes, all these school materials have their place in academic performance.

  1. Notebooks

Whether it’s five or four single-subject notebooks or a single 5-subject, notebooks are always a good way to compile information.

     2.  USB drive

If you do a lot writing such as a journalism student, chances are you’re going to want an easy way to store a lot of files. Just be prepared to switch to “Rich Text Format.”

     3.  Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is always a must to keep your cranial fluids flowing. Make sure the bottle can clip to your book-bag, otherwise, chances of misplacing it will intensify, at least for students like myself.

    4.  Pens & Pencils

Writing utensils are a must in any academic endeavor, although choosing which ones requires consideration. If a pencil sharpener is involved, go with pencils if you wish. If you know what notes you’re taking, pens are always usable as long as you keep track of the ink content.

    5.  Multi-folder

Organizing papers without a proper filing system can be a real hassle. A multi-subject folder can keep important papers neatly stowed.

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