Catchy Curls

Bouncy, full curls are the most effortless approach to sprucing up your look. Don’t have natural curly hair? Curling your hair has been a tedious task, until the revelation of this simple life hack.

With the utilization of a wand, brush and hair tie, this curling trick will trim down your beautification process significantly.



  1. Brush your hair forward
  2. Put into a unicorn pig tail
  3. Isolate the pig tail into sections
  4. Begin to curl each section separately  
  5. Curl each section at a time in the opposite direction, this creates less of a full coiled curl and more of a gentler curl.


Within minutes, let down your hair and witness your scarcely wavy hair transform into voluminous, gleaming and full curls.

Unfortunately, for shorter hair, this might not be your hack. But if you have longer hair this method is the one for you. Thick, black and naturally curly headed Yarleene Rodriguez said:  “I found with my thick curly hair I had to straighten my hair before putting it into the unicorn pony tail, just to slick the top. Once out of the pony tail, I touched up the bottom of my curls and I was ready to go.”

With her routine taking up to three hours, Rodriguez said, “I couldn’t believe how neat and curly my hair looked just after a few minutes of effort.”

If you want salon-grade hair on a base to nothing budget, this is the hack for you.

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