5 Inevitable Truths Of Being a Girl With an Older Brother

  1. As a girl, having an older brother means that you have a third parent. Older brothers tend to be overly protective of their little sisters. They think they can protect you from all the hurt in the world, even when you need to learn the lessons on your own.
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Photo provided by Christina Cottone


Christina Cottone, 22, is a little sister of three older brothers. She believes boyfriends are the most interesting aspect of being a little sister. “I pulled the plug on my last relationship and somehow, my brothers still wanted to show up to his house,” Cottone said. “I was so nervous, because it’s like, ‘Hey! I just broke up with you and my older brothers also want to kill you.’”


  1. Having an older brother means you have a constant critic. He was the first person to make fun of you for wearing too much eyeliner in middle school, and you screamed back at him that you didn’t care what he thinks, but then ran to the bathroom to wipe some off. Growing up with an older brother is beneficial because you have constant, brutally honest advice. Let’s be honest, he doesn’t care that he’s hurting your feelings and getting a rise out of you is only a bonus for him!


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 Photo by Kristine Giurco


  1. Your older brother knows everything about you. Growing up with siblings is fun, regardless if you have a brother or sister. You go through everything together: your first pet, your first vacation and basically your whole childhood. Laughing about the times your parents were so embarrassing, or just laughing at your parents expense in general, is something only you and your siblings can share.


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Photo by Kristine Giurco


  1. Your older brother is always down for an adventure. Whether it’s fishing during the summer or hiking, it’s always fun to be spontaneous with a fun partner. He’s down to do just about anything. Older brothers love to teach their younger siblings to be adventurous and follow in their careless footsteps.


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Photo by Kristine Giurco

“I got my first tattoo with my brother last year,” Cottone said. “I don’t really know if there are many other people who could have convinced me to go through with it. Most memories like that tend to be with my older brothers.”


  1. You always have a friend. Older brothers pick on their younger sisters like they are going to war with them, but there is still a lot of love there. Having an older brother means that you have a forever partner in crime and arch nemesis all in one.


Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 5.53.11 PM
Photo by Kristine Giurco


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