Travel Essentials

With the warmer months approaching, it means tourists are getting ready to plan their perfect getaways. School is over and the sun is out. When it comes to vacations, it can be easy to over pack. Making sure to pack things with multiple purposes is key to only bringing one suitcase. Airline baggage claim can be expensive so using these few tips might save a few extra bucks for spending on vacation.

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Photo by Sophia DeVito

1.  Bags

Choosing one bag to bring on a week vacation can be extremely difficult. A cross-body bag is always the go-to. They are small enough to fit into a suitcase but also big enough to hold the important things like a wallet, a phone or sunglasses. The key to packing a bag is making sure it can be used during the day while hanging by the pool and also at night when going out to a fancy dinner. Something that has a dressier style but isn’t a dark color would work perfectly.


2.  Face Mask

When traveling by plane, it is inevitable for skin to get dry when being 1,000 feet up in the air. Wearing a face mask while on the plane can keep the skin feeling refreshed but also allow to keep some peace and quiet: people can be afraid of other appearances when wearing a sheet mask.


3.  Sea Salt Spray

Nobody wants to spend much time on his or her appearance while on vacation, especially not after spending a day relaxing by the ocean or pool. Adding sea salt spray to damp hair can give it effortless beach waves that every girl looks for in the summer.


4.  Water Bottle

When traveling to a foreign country, it can be said that drinking the water is dangerous. Bringing a water bottle that has a filter on it like a Brita, can prevent drinking water that hasn’t been filtered. This hack will also save money when it comes to buying drinks. Tropical resorts tend to spike their prices during the early spring months because it is a common time when people travel.


5.  E-Reader

Being on the beach can be one of the most relaxing things. For some people, it is hard to stay in one spot for too long without having something to do. Having the option to start a good book and get sucked into it can be a good way to keep the mind occupied while catching a tan at the same time.


These are just a few items that can easily become essentials for most female travelers. While they’re are other things that are just as important, these five essentials are just a few things that most people don’t think of while packing their suitcase.


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