The Fanny Pack is Back?

One of the hottest fashion trends this summer in street wear has been the men’s fanny pack. The fanny pack made its return at this year’s fashion shows. What once was a look associated with “embarrassing dads, lost tourists or those wearing for function in sport,” as said by Helena Yeung for Hypebeast, is now making a impact on the fashion industry.


The trend started with some of today’s popular rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert, A$AP Rocky, PnB Rock, XXXTentacion and many others wearing fanny packs from Gucci and Balenciaga. Other popular brands like Supreme, Herschel and Nike all picked up on this and decided to make their own line of fanny packs.


Miles Bridget, a freshman SUNY Plattsburgh student, said he liked the style before it was popular.


“I found about the trend from seeing the Supreme drop of the fanny pack, and I thought it was nice, so I started using it when I worked at summer camp because I needed to have a bag with  everything I need,” Bridget said.


Steven Colletti, a sophomore SUNY Plattsburgh student, said that he had a feeling the trend was gonna catch on.


“I knew this was going to be a thing once Young Thug and A$AP Rocky started wearing them,” Colletti said.


Junior Luke Roderka said this trend is nothing new.


“This trend has been around before, but in the recent years it has seen it trending again thanks to brands like Prada, Gucci and Supreme,” Roderka said.

Just like a lot of things in fashion, the trends come and go.

Colletti believes the trend will not last as long because it’s all a part of the business.


“I think the trend is another strategy for businesses to capitalize on people buying into a new hot thing in fashion; I think it will last until it becomes unprofitable for the companies profiting,” Colletti said.


People have very mixed reviews on the fanny pack trend. Some people like it and think it is very stylish, while others think that the trend is played out and it should have stayed in the past.

Roderka likes the fanny pack style and is glad that it is making a comeback.


“I’m a fan of the style, but I think that it has been very played out in the last few months on social media,” Roderka said.


Colletti was not too fond of the style.


“I would not see myself wearing a fanny pack because I am not interested and I don’t really like how it looks,” Colletti said.

The way fanny packs are worn has been evolving. Roderka gave some input on the evolution of the fanny packs.


“At the end of the day, it is a trend. I am seeing it slowly shift from fanny/crossbody bags to harnesses and holders,” Roderka said.


Bridget gave us some insight of what he keeps in his bag.


“I usually carry my phone, wallet, headphones, snacks and keys.”


Fanny packs have made an impact on the fashion world because of the popularity in the media and the celebrities who use them. Only time will tell whether or not this trend will last, but one thing that could be said about the fanny packs is they are evolving with fashion.
Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 5.24.09 PM.png

A screen cap of FOX show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Photo by Adonys Temple.

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