Before Joining a Sorority…

Listen up, potential new members. Joining a sorority can be a scary idea for many people. There are so many responsibilities that come along with being in an organization. Yes, there are perks, like having built-in best friends from the beginning and gaining a major load of self confidence, but Greek life isn’t for everyone. Here are five things to consider before rushing a sorority.

1. Time Commitment

Being a part of something means that a great deal of the week will be devoted to it. With chapter meetings, weekly events, sisterhoods and more, it’s important to consider whether being a part of Greek life is for you. On top of all of this, maintaining a good GPA is incredibly important. In order to even rush, the potential new member needs to have a certain grade point average prior, and that also needs to be kept up with during the time spent within the sorority.


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Delta Phi Epsilon hosting an event for their philanthropy. Photo taken by Jess Heritage.

2. Parties

If going out every weekend isn’t something that sounds appealing, then maybe a sorority isn’t for you. While partying can’t be forced, it usually is required to attend at least some of the mixers that happen almost every weekend. For SUNY Plattsburgh, a mixer entails (usually) one fraternity and one sorority dressing up for a theme, like Baywatch or Great Gatsby, and socializing. Being a part of an organization is all about being social.


Ashley Velardi, Genesee Zehnder and Sophia DeVito dressed up as the Powder Puff Girls for a mixer. Photo taken by Samantha DeCarciofolo.

3. Finances

Between dues, clothing for events and just day-to-day things, the money can add up. Depending on the school and the organization size, semesterly dues can range anywhere from $500-$1000 for a national organization. Before deciding to rush, make sure the money situation is taken care of.

4. Living in the House

Most organizations require sisters to live in the sorority house at least once. This can mean sharing a room with another sister, communal bathrooms and the high cost of rent. Also, it means sisters are always knocking on the door to borrow clothes, makeup and shoes. Just think of it as a slumber party that takes place every single night.

5. Friendships

After joining a sorority, your contact list is going to double, or even triple. Expanding the social circle will automatically happen when being a part of an organization. Before choosing which sorority to rush, think about this: “Am I going to fit in with these girls and be able to call them my friends for life?” or “Would I befriend these people naturally?” If the answer if no, then maybe that organization, or Greek life in general, isn’t meant for you.

Delta Phi Epsilon, Epsilon Pi chapter on Bid Day. Photo taken by Riley Masterson.

Greek life is not for everyone. There are many things to consider before choosing whether to join a sorority or not. Keep in mind these five things, but also do some research prior to rush. Get to know new people, ask lots of questions and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

“There are so many rewards that come with being in an organization,” said Jessica Heritage, a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon at SUNY Plattsburgh. She added, “I wouldn’t be who I am today without my sisters.”


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