Spruced-Up Water

Drinking plain water can be a chore. Each day, a certain amount of water needs to be consumed in order to stay healthy and keep our bodies functioning. The 8×8 rule says that humans need to drink eight, 8 ounce servings of water every single day, which equals out to about two liters.

Let’s face it though, there are some people who hate drinking plain water every single day. There are so many ways for someone to increase their daily water intake. By adding just a few extra ingredients, it’ll make drinking water more enjoyable for the consumer and add some extra health benefits. These five tricks will have anyone craving water every day.

1. Add Lemon

This might be a given for some people, but adding lemon to water will give it that extra boost the consumer is looking for. Not only does lemon increase the metabolism, but it also balances the body’s pH levels. Another trick is drinking the water warm. It is a relaxing way to start the day and might even replace that morning cup of joe. Noelle DeVito, a nutrition major at Russell Sage and my older cousin, said that after one week of drinking warm water with lemon in the morning, her energy levels increased.

“I started to feel amazing. It’s now become part of my morning routine,” DeVito said.

Water with lemon is a great combination. Photo taken by Sophia DeVito.


2. Add Cucumber and Mint

Make spa water at home. Mint is a really good way to add a touch of sweetness without any sugar. Cucumbers are primarily made up of water, but provide a good source of vitamin B, which the body needs in order to produce healthy blood cells, maintain eyesight and a laundry list of other body maintenance. The two together are a match made in heaven!


Add some cucumber and mint for a refreshing drink. Photo taken by Sophia DeVito.


3. Muddle Some Strawberries

Say goodbye to sugar-infused drinks, because adding strawberries to water is an awesome way to satisfy that craving. Not only are strawberries a sweet addition, but they also are packed with antioxidants. They contain a high amount of disease-fighting elements as well. Muddle a strawberry or two into the bottom of a glass and top it off with water. It’s that easy.

Muddled strawberries give a water an extra sweetness. Photo taken by Sophia DeVito.


4. Infused Ice Cubes

If day-to-day schedules don’t allow time for muddling fruit or picking mint, plan ahead and infuse ice cube trays with fruits and herbs. The cubes can contain anything—lime, lemon, grapefruit, rosemary, lavender, etc. This adds a little something extra to already existing water. It’s like meal prep but for water!

Infusing ice cubes is a great way to add subtle flavor. Photo taken by Sophia DeVito.


5. Add Some Bubbles

Any of the creations above can be made with seltzer or sparkling water. If distilled water doesn’t sound appealing, try adding some carbonated water to spruce things up. This is a great way to avoid drinking sodas, which are filled with calories and chemicals the body can’t break down naturally.

Adding a splash of flavored seltzer will give the perfect tang. Photo taken by Sophia DeVito.

The longer each drink sits, the better the flavors will infuse into the water. Trying different combinations will not only increase daily water intake, but it can be a lot of fun. Get creative with the recipes and test out a new one each week.


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