The Playlists of Our Lives

If you were to create a playlist based on your life, what songs would be on it? Here are the songs are on our playlists.

Kaylee Adams


Music is a big part of my life as it is for many others, and like anyone else, I have my favorites. For this “Playlist of My Life,” I’ve chosen three of my favorite songs that have influenced and inspired me. They also happen to showcase my eclectic taste in music.



1. “Seasons of Wither” by Aerosmith

My parents introduced me to Aerosmith at an age many might say was far too young, and they’ve been my all-time favorite band ever since. “Seasons of Wither” is probably my favorite song by the band (though it may be tied with the more popular “Sweet Emotion.”) The song, in my opinion, is Aerosmith’s greatest hidden gem. It’s not a well-known song by the band, but it’s the first song I can remember feeling in a way I wouldn’t be able to explain without someone thinking I’m crazy.

The first time I heard the song, I was lying in bed with my eyes shut. The sound of wind took over me as the song began, and suddenly I was no longer in bed. This was the first time I had ever listened to a song that allowed me to feel like I was levitating. The song’s vibe is incredibly melancholy, with lyrics to match. However, it is definitely one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.


2. “You Should See Me in a Crown” by Billie Eilish

In this song, Billie Eilish sings in a character plotting world domination, and while that’s not exactly what I’m looking to do, I find the lyrics to be empowering. I started listening to Eilish more recently, but it’s safe to say she has won me over. She has a vibe that’s unmatched in the music industry currently. I find myself inspired by her songs, as well as the visuals from her music videos and live performances, in which she is known for depicting unnerving and horror-like imagery. For being such a young artist, she already knows how to set herself apart in a immense industry.


3. “Springsteen” by Eric Church

I feel like I owe a lot to this song. I first heard “Springsteen” when it released in 2012, and at the time, 14-year-old me would not give any song that wasn’t classic rock a chance. This was the first time I had ever found myself liking a country song, and because I fell in love with this song so quickly, I started listening to other music that wasn’t just my 70s-and-80s-filled playlists. This song is the reason I listen to such a wide range of music, and I give it credit for introducing me to many of the artists I love today, including Eric Church himself.

Sophia DeVito

Web Editor

Music is something that I find to be incredibly therapeutic, but also nostalgic. When I’m having a bad day, I put on some slow music. When I need to cheer up, I put on my favorite tunes. When I start to miss my friends and family back home, I listen to my playlist that makes me think of them.



There are many songs that have made an impact on my life. If my 21 years were narrowed down to three songs, the playlist would be:


1. “Upside Down” by Jack Johnson

“Upside Down” is just a happy song that brings back good memories of being on vacation in New Jersey with my family. I remember sitting on our porch, the warm breeze was blowing and this song came on. We all went silent and listened to the music. It was just a feel-good moment and whenever I need a piece of serenity, I turn on this song.


2. “GIRL” by Maren Morris

“GIRL” is the song I listen to when I need a good “slap in the face” because it reminds me that anything is possible and everyone has daily struggles. When I’m feeling down and I need a good pick-me-up, I resort to this song. Maren Morris reminds me that everyone has a badass inside of them.


3. “She Talks to Angels” by The Black Crowes  

“She Talks to Angels” doesn’t relate to my life at all, but it is my mom’s favorite song. Any time we are together, we listen to it. It is one of those songs to belt out. It has no relevance to my life other than that it makes me think of my mom.

Each one of these songs just brings me a bit of joy.


Anthony Bubbico

Staff Writer

I found choosing three songs that best describe my life to be challenging. Music has always been such a huge part of my life. It has not only comforted or excited me, it has saved me. These three songs share a deep importance to me and represent different stages of my life.



1. “Dreams” by Van Halen

I began playing drums at age 12. I wanted to play drums all day and be in a rock band and yes, have a girlfriend. The song “Dreams” by Van Halen helped stimulate that. Sammy Hagar sings about trusting yourself and leaving everything behind for what you want. It was a fun and innocent time in my life, and Van Halen helped me believe in myself and my dreams.


2. “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You” by Sting

In my senior year of high school, I decided I wanted to stray away from drumming and write lyrics. This was because of Sting. I found his lyrics to be an inspiration; they were both vivid and cerebral. This song is about losing everything except for faith in one person. At the time, I had went through a bad break up with my then-girlfriend. This song gave me solace and a promise that better things were on the horizon.


3. “Against the Wall” by Steve Perry

Most people have probably never heard of this song, which was an unreleased track recorded by the Journey lead singer. It was meant for an album he never finished recording in the late 1980s. This track was eventually released years later on a greatest hits CD. Steve Perry has always been a hero of mine. He sings with aggravated emotion and soul. I connected with this song for many reasons. I was at a community college on Long Island shortly after I graduated high school. I didn’t really know who I was or what I wanted. I felt so lost in life. This song made me feel emotional. It made me feel like there was gravity beneath my feet once again.

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