5 Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

Winter is right around the corner. The days will get shorter, the holidays will be here faster than expected and the cold temperatures will soon follow. Keeping warm during the winter months is important, and there are many ways to do this. 

Bundling up, drinking warm beverages and utilizing your kitchen are all ways to help you stay warm this winter.

Eric Troiano is a recent college graduate who uses some of the tips below to help himself stay warm during the winter.

While there are many ways to stay warm during the winter, following these few simple tips can help keep you warm and safe from winter injuries like frostbite.

1. Eat and drink foods that will keep you warm.


According to nbcwashington.com, eating healthy in the winter not only keeps you from getting sick, but eating extra healthy fats can help your metabolism and help keep you warm. If you’re cold, eating or drinking warm foods and beverages can help to warm your body up.

“I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but it’s the one hot drink that I’ll have all year round,” Troiano said. “That’s why it’s nice when it starts to get really cold to switch my hot drink up to hot cocoa. I really enjoy the taste and it’s a nice break from caffeine for a little bit.”


2. Bake and cook food more.


To eat hot foods to keep you warm and to help save some money, it is a good idea to cook at home more. MentalFloss.com states that cooking at home and using your oven helps to heat your whole house. This can be an added benefit in the winter to help warm your house if it is still chilly even with the heat on. 

“Usually when it starts getting colder that means holidays are coming up, and making cookies for special occasions or even just on a cold day is a great way to keep warm,” Troiano said. “When the oven is running it’s warming the house, and [with] the smell of fresh cookies is in the air, it’s one of the best combos.”


3. Bundle up.


It might sound like a no brainer, but many people tend to forget to dress in layers. When it is cold out, it is best to go out dressed in layers. Starting with your lightest layer first and gradually putting on heavier layers until you reach your jacket. 


4. Keep your feet and head warm.


Along with being bundled, it is important to keep your feet and head warm. It is very easy for heat to leave your body from these points, so wearing a hat when you go out or longer and thicker socks in your shoes can help to trap body heat and keep you warmer.


5. Stay active.

Troiano and friends being active and playing hockey on Hawkins Pond at SUNY Plattsburgh to get in some exercise, stay warm and have fun with friends. Photo by Mike Campbell.


The Old Farmers Almanac suggests another way to stay warm is to stay active. Staying active when you’re cold is an easy way to warm your body. A few minutes of light stretching or cardio will warm your body right up.

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