Candle Obsession – What’s the Hype?

Over the past few years, it seems like many people have developed a new habit of impulsively buying candles. The question many outsiders probably have is: why? Candles can be expensive, especially name brands like Yankee Candle or Village Candle, so why do people spend so much money on them? Overall, there are four main reasons why many younger people have an obsession with candles.

Staff writer Jessica's candle collection.
The candle collection my boyfriend and I share, containing a variety of scents, sizes, brands and wicks. Minus the few we had burning.  Photo by: Jessica Collins.

1. Relaxation

After a long day of work or school, many people would just like to go home and do whatever makes them feel relaxed. Whether that be playing video games, watching television, listening to music or whatever else. For a lot of people, like SUNY Plattsburgh student Anna Skolnick, letting a candle burn in the background brings them peace and calmness.

“I enjoy candles because they give a sense of peacefulness and cleanliness,” Skolnick said.

2. Collection

There have been collections of various things like vinyls, coins, shoes, teddy bears, and an infinite list of more. Collections are oftentimes a way for people to have a small purpose or goal for a while, and that collection can make people feel complete and give them the thrill of the buy. Candles are just another object that many people take a strange interest in, wanting more and more for no real reason.

3. Decoration

Decor is a major aspect to make any house feel like a home. Buying seasonal candles for different times of the year can really bring together a home’s holiday atmosphere. A pumpkin candle during Halloween, a cinnamon apple pie during winter or a fruity lemon scent during summer can all bring a whole new sense of the feeling surrounding your home during the seasons.

4. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plants and essential oils to promote health, relaxation and overall well-being. Lots of people use candles that focus on the effects of aromatherapy. According to CandleJunkies, a site dedicated to discussing candles, popular scents that help with stress relief include lavender, eucalyptus, rose, spearmint, chamomile.

Candles are capable of only one thing: burning. However, that burning attracts people to buy, for whatever reason that may be, and continue to buy. The addiction of candles we are facing today has no real consequence, just a new form of expression and hobby that many young people choose to participate in.

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