APN’s Goals for 2021

When a new year begins, goals and hopes are set and dreamt. Here are our goals for the new year.

Jessica Collins

deputy editor

One of my main goals for 2021 is to finish my schooling. I’m currently in the first semester of my senior year of college, and I’m planning to graduate in December this year. To do so, however, another one of my goals is to get an internship relating to journalism for my major. I hope to be in an internship with a publication where I will be able to hone my skills of all aspects of journalism and where I can gain valuable experience. 

Another goal of mine this year is to buy a new (to me) car. I currently drive a 2006 Ford Escape, and, while it runs and has been reliable, I think it is time for something new. Getting a newer SUV will definitely be something I try to accomplish by the end of the year. I’m leaning toward a Toyota RAV4 or Subaru Forester, but I’d be happy with anything.  

Angelica Melara

Staff writer

With the start of the new year and 2020 being a rollercoaster of events, I have come up with a few aspirations that I would like to accomplish this year. One thing that I want to accomplish this year is learning how to drive a manual car. I have been wanting to learn how to do this for some time now, and I am hoping that I can actually follow through with it. 

Something else that I would like to accomplish this year is becoming healthier. I have already started going to the gym more frequently, but I want to be able to be around desserts and not feel the need to eat them. I want to live a healthier lifestyle. 

The last and most important thing I would like to accomplish in 2021 is being able to find happiness in things around me. I want to be able to be more optimistic and not look at the negative aspects of life as much as I usually would, which I think is something that other people should do as well.

Illustration of conquering your goals. Image credit to Mediamodifier.

Ashley St. John

staff writer

I have numerous goals for 2021, starting with getting back into working out. I love to work out but always seem to go weeks, maybe even months going strong and then for some reason, I just stop, and I’m back to unhealthy habits. Whether it’s going to the gym or even at home workouts, I want to really get into it and keep myself motivated and create a new lifestyle for myself. I know that once I really get into it, it will really boost my confidence and help my self-image, which is another goal of mine. 

Another seemingly small goal I have is to drink more water. I’ve been pretty good at drinking at least two large water bottles a day, but I want to keep it up. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with working out and getting myself into a better lifestyle overall. I found that getting myself a water bottle with time increments on it has helped because it almost challenges me to keep up and keep drinking water. 

One last goal I have is to be better in school. I continuously find myself slipping into old, bad habits of turning in late assignments and procrastinating to the very last minute. While it’s only been a week of classes, I can already see myself doing better so far but want to keep it up throughout the semester and still through next year. 

Every year I tell myself, “this will be the year that I follow through with my goals,” and every year they fall through by March. I also tell myself that each year will be different than the last, but I truly believe that this year will be the one that I change. I can already see better qualities in myself; finishing work in a timely manner, eating better, feeling more confident in myself and my choices. 

HAles passino

deputy editor

Hales Passino looking over a sunset in Maine. Photo credit to Hales Passino.

I once read in a self-help book that goals are essentially dreams with a plan in action. I find that each of my goals for 2021 are all so different but very much achievable.

Goal #1

So, I let myself go during this time in college and the pandemic. Instead of beating myself up over it, I’d like to explore better foods and stay dedicated to working out. I wouldn’t say I have a specific weight I’m aiming for, but more or less a version of me that’s genuinely happy and healthy. 

Goal #2

My little Honda Civic’s served me well since I was 17, but I think it’s time to think about my next vehicle for this journey. I’m saving up for either a Jeep Wrangler or a Subaru Outback; something practical for camping and road trips with my friends and family. 

Goal #3

Poetry’s a big part of the person I’m becoming. I’ve been writing on a regular basis since the age of 19 and find that it’s one of my most expressive outlets. Nothing would bring me more joy than compiling all of the work I’ve done so far in the form of a book. 

Goal #4

Hell or highwater, I’m learning how to play guitar. I’ve wanted to for quite some time now, and I think it’d be a great pairing with my poetry. Artists like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon inspire me to give it a shot. 

Overall, I’d say the best way to go about achieving my goals is to quit carrying limited beliefs, hone in on focus, set the bar in increments and just have fun with it. At the end of the day, we’re all in control of our reality and what we choose to do with it. 

Alex leisenfelder


Illustration of brainstorming new ideas. Photo credit to Mediamodifier.

Setting goals wasn’t a habit I used to have. I always thought your goals had to be vast and unobtainable when I was younger to stride towards your best self. So I try to give myself smaller goals and bigger goals to work towards now. 

A smaller goal of mine, as silly as it sounds, is to try new things. I tend to keep myself in a safety net of comfort. Whether it be food, drinks, shows, books or experiences, I want to explore new areas in those fields. One of which I’ve been working on since the start of January was trying out new types of tea. My go-to tea was a basic herbal tea you can find at any grocery store. I’ve been experimenting with different kinds of tea lately, like chai, Thai and rooibos teas. 

A larger goal I’m setting for myself is to write a novel. I’ve always wanted to write a full-fledged story out instead of short stories, and I believe this is the year to do it. I keep a list of ideas in my notes app on my phone and want to make one of them a reality. I hope to have at least a skeleton plan created for the book by this summer. 

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