Why you need a St. Bernard in your life

By: Carly Newton

My St. Bernard Ruby posing for a picture. Photo via Carly Newton

     If you’re looking for a dog who will, at first glance, give the impression of being big and scary with an intimidating bark, a St. Bernard is what you’re looking for. 

     After that first glance though, it’ll become obvious that this dog breed is actually very friendly.

     Originally from Switzerland, St. Bernards were known for navigating treacherous, snowy areas of the Swiss Alps to help rescue stranded people. So, St. Bernards are no stranger to the cold weather. This makes them a perfect fit for the snowy winters that are seen in the North Country.

     St Bernards may change your outlook on winter if you hate the cold. They love the snow, and owning a St. Bernard will probably make you love it too. 

     After you see your St. Bernard playing in the snow for the first time- you will fall in love immediately. With their ears flopping in the wind as they’re running through fresh snow, it’s hard to say no to a dog that is so much fun. 

Ruby running through the snow. Photo via Carly Newton.

     In the summer, it’s important that they get exercise and stay cool. A St. Bernard’s coat insulates them from both the heat and the cold weather, but they still get warm and pant constantly. If you invest in an air conditioner, your St. Bernard will bear the heat much easier. 

     You can also take them to your favorite swimming spots. St. Bernards, like most dogs, love to wade in the water and enjoy getting the chance to cool off when they get too warm. 

     Owning a St. Bernard will help you stay more active, and you’ll gain a loyal best friend in the process.

Ruby after a swim. Photo via Carly Newton. 

     Get ready to play. When you own a St. Bernard, there’s a good chance your house will have dog toys scattered throughout each room. Embrace the clutter. It will be worth it when you hear that familiar squeak from your St. Bernard’s favorite toy, and you can’t contain your smile.   

     Having a St. Bernard in your life will make you happier.

     Each time you come home, you will be greeted with a happy dog who is wagging its tail and who is prepared to lick you to death. From personal experience, they may even knock you over with excitement if you’ve been gone a few days. They will always be happy to see you, and they will never want you to leave. 

     Also, you will never eat a meal alone again. Whether they are across the room or are right next to you, a St. Bernard will always be watching for you to drop a piece of your food so they can clean it up — food will never go to waste in your house ever again.

     And last but not least, St. Bernards like to cuddle. They will get on your bed or your couch if you want them to, and they will make themselves comfortable next to you. They are loyal dogs and they will constantly want to be wherever you are. If there was ever a dog breed that deserved to be spoiled with love and attention, St. Bernards are them. 

     St. Bernards are big dogs, and they need a lot of space to run and play. If you can give them this, you shouldn’t hesitate to get one. 

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