APN’s favorite social media platforms

Social media, you either love it, or you hate it. Here are some platforms that we here at APN find ourselves on the most these days.

A painting of the Instagram like notification. Photo credit to Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash.

Nickie Hayes

Staff writer

My favorite social media app is Instagram! I love the ability to share my favorite pictures from my life with my friends and family. It is also a great place for me to stay updated on all the organizations I am a part of. I also like to follow news media outlets, so Instagram, for me, has become a way I stay updated on current events. However, following fun accounts and sharing videos and pictures with my closest friends and boyfriend is my favorite part about Instagram. I try not to go on it too often anyway because I am not an avid social media user. Instagram is one of the only social media outlets I still use!

Angelica Melara

Staff writer

My favorite social media app at the moment is TikTok. Like many of my friends, I’m usually on the app because the videos are short and entertaining. My For You Page, otherwise known as FYP, is usually funny content from people I’m following, fan theories of “WandaVision,” or dance trends that are kind of fun to learn. At this point, it’s one of my favorite apps and is the one that I usually have open while I’m supposed to be doing my homework.

TikTok 404 error screen. Photo credit to Visuals on Unsplash.

Jessica Collins

Deputy Editor

My favorite social media app is Twitter. I started using Twitter when I was around 13-14 and only really used it to keep up with One Direction drama. I even went as far as making a fan account. Though I’ve grown out of the fandom part of Twitter, I still use it every day because it is where I get most of my news, and it is where most of internet humor comes from. On Instagram and Facebook, a lot of posts are screenshots of tweets. Although I don’t personally post that much, I think it’s still the first app I open in the morning, and the first one I go to for breaking news. 

Hales passino

Deputy Editor

As much as I’d like to take a break from social media, I always find myself on it. YouTube is most definitely my favorite. As an avid lover of older music, it’s essentially a time machine on my phone. It allows me to expand my taste in genres and dive into this rabbit hole of concerts and festivals I wasn’t around for. I can also connect with other fans in the comments section who share a deep appreciation for the sound. It’s a platform where you can escape constant arguments and negativity present on most other apps. Here, you can just vibe. It’s especially been a saving grace during these secluded times. YouTube’s also a great place for beatniks to gather. I can share my recorded spoken poetry sessions on it since live poetry slams aren’t happening much at the moment.

Painting of hearts and likes. Photo credit to George Pagan III on Unsplash.

Katie kallamni

Staff writer

My favorite social media app is currently TikTok. With TikTok, you can take a break from your stressful day and watch short comical videos. With TikTok, you can also easily create videos. This app, I think, also can connect people online in a unique way. Not only are there funny videos, but there are also some hacks and actual educational videos. A big problem I noticed I have with TikTok is its ability to have me watch for so long. Tiktok also has live, which can connect you with other users. Many phrases and songs have become so mainstream and popular thanks to TikTok. 

Alex leisenfelder


One of the apps I always have open on my phone is TikTok. Like many people, I might be a bit addicted to it. I love the concept behind it. I was on Vine regularly when it was a thing, and I feel that TikTok is the video-sharing platform we’ve needed for a while. There are so many great creators on the app, and I never get tired of scrolling through my for you page. I’m always finding new book, music and movie recommendations through it, and I never run out of new recipes to try as well. 

I find myself on Twitch a lot as well! While it is definitely on the see-saw of being a social media platform and broadcasting site, it is one of my favorite things to have on in the background while I study. There are thousands of amazing streamers out there that are all unique in what they do and what games they play. The communities out there on the site are super welcoming as well. I’d highly recommend anyone who has never visited Twitch before to give it a peak and meet some of the fantastic content creators on there!

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