What to Watch on Netflix Right Now

By Chris Pettway

Ever open the Netflix app and realize you have no clue what you want to watch? From Netflix original films to kids movies and to throwback movies we know and love, Netflix has been putting out new shows and movies to watch throughout all of 2021. Listed below are a few new additions to Netflix, some old and some new:

17 Again: Comedy

Kicking off the start of 2021, Netflix released the movie “17 Again” on the first day of the new year. First released in theaters in 2009, “17 Again” is about 37-year-old family man Mike O’Donnell who feels he missed out on the life he never had as a basketball star- the track he was on during high school. After magically turning 17 again overnight, Mike gets a second chance.

Charming: Family/ Romance

We’ve all seen a princess movie or four in our lives where the princess falls in love with her Prince Charming, but did you ever think about how Prince Charming might have been the same prince for all the princesses? Added to Netflix on Jan. 8, “Charming” surrounds Prince Charming himself, who finds himself in a bit of trouble: he’s engaged to Snow White, Rapunzel and Cinderella. Cursed with the ability to make every girl fall in love with him by just looking at them, Charming has no clue what true love is, but his father, King Charming, forces an ultimatum onto him: find true love before his 21st birthday, or lose his claim to the throne. Desperate to find real love for his father and himself, Charming must first break the curse before he can even begin to find true, true love. 

Malcolm & Marie: Drama/ Romance

This Netflix Original film has become the topic of conversation for thousands of people on Twitter. Released on Feb. 5, singer and actress Zendaya plays Marie, the girlfriend to movie director and filmmaker Malcolm. After the couple returns from an important movie premiere that makes Malcolm hopeful for a future of success and riches, the night quickly goes from good to bad as the problems in their relationship surface. Is their relationship strong enough to get through the night? The Twitter community has made this film go viral as viewers continue to tweet about the two’s toxic relationship. It’s definitely a film I plan to watch soon.

iCarly: Comedy 

Can you think back to simpler times as a kid when all you had to worry about was being home in time to watch your favorite show? For me and many others, “iCarly” was one of those shows, and now you have the chance to watch it on Netflix! Released Feb. 8, Netflix has put out the first three out of six seasons (even though seasons 2 and 3 are combined to look like one season). If you haven’t seen “iCarly,” the show surrounds teenager Carly Shay and her two friends who create a popular web show. This comedy is a show to binge-watch or even just let it play while you get work done. Either way, if you decide to watch it, you know it’s available on Netflix!

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