How to Get Organized and Manage Your Time in College

For many new and returning college students, it can be stressful trying to juggle classes, clubs, sports or even possibly a job on top of trying to maintain a social life.

 A key skill to getting through college is time management and staying organized. I struggle with learning how to get my life organized, but once I found a good routine for myself, balancing my classwork, clubs and social life became a lot easier. 

Staying organized in college is important to stay on top of schoolwork and your personal life. Alexa Williams/Unsplash
  • Buy a planner or calendar
    • Having a planner or calendar can be your most helpful tool. Writing down whenever you have classes, work or any other events you plan on going to will help keep you on track. I personally find smaller planners to be the most helpful because they can fit into almost any bag and you’ll be able to bring it anywhere. Also, use only one planner. If you start to use multiple planners you can potentially get mixed up and that could mess up the whole point of getting a planner in the first place.
  • Set aside time to relax
    • Whether it’s to hang out with friends or just lay in bed by yourself, setting aside time to not worry about anything can be extremely beneficial. If you’re constantly working and worrying about what assignment or what event is coming up, you’ll burn out quickly and it will be even tougher to keep yourself on track.
 Finding time to unwind and relax is just as important as 
  setting aside time to do work and study.  Dee/Copper&Wild/Unsplash
  • Create a spreadsheet for your assignments
    • Something new I recently tried out was creating a spreadsheet for all of my assignments. I use Google spreadsheets but you can also use Microsoft Excel. You’ll be able to color-code each class, put in every assignment for the semester (if you know all of the assignments in advance) and put the date for when each assignment is due. You’ll be able to sort the assignments by date so you can keep track as the semester goes on. 
  • Create a “chores day”
    • Pick a specific day to focus on chores. I choose Sundays to do laundry, clean my room or to get anything else done around my house. If you choose a certain day to get chores done, it’ll be less distractions throughout the week and you’ll be able to focus on other things. 
  • Wake up at the same time every day
    • This one is something I’ve been working on recently as well. Waking up around the same time every day can become a habit and get you into a good schedule. If you know what time you’re waking up in the morning, then it’ll be easier to figure out what time you’ll want to go to sleep. If you have this figured out you can plan your day around when you want to do things and when you’ll be done working for the day. Set an alarm for the same time every day to get yourself into the habit of it. If you stick to waking up at the same time every day, it will get easier and easier. 

It is so important to stay organized and on top of your schedule because if you don’t, you’ll create a lot of stress for yourself. You can save time and achieve better success by finding a great routine or process that works best for you. 

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