TikTok’s For you Page

What’s the app you can swipe up and down, like, unlike, share for hours without end and wonder how you could possibly get so obsessed and distracted? TikTok has easily become one of the most used apps for posting, liking and duetting content. 

What sets TikTok apart from other apps is its customizable For You page.  The For You page is arguably the best feature on the app. Although other applications have similar functionalities, TikTok differs. Their For You Page, or FYP, is customized to each user’s likes and dislikes. It’s a page used for anyone with various interests. The more you interact with those videos such as sharing, commenting, dueting and following, the more those videos will appear on your page. It’s a single part of the app filled with content based on your personal interests. 

Everyone has a different FYP. Mine is made up of dad jokes, LGBTQIA+ communities, POC struggles in different environments and entertaining skits of shows I enjoy. However, others may differ greatly. 

Video diary maker McKenzie Murphy (@kenzi.xc) has 50 followers on TikTok, and her content consists of singing videos and video diaries of her day-to-day life at SUNY Plattsburgh. Her FYP is filled with Taylor Swift relatablities and Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” trend where the beginning of the video is a person lip-syncing the lyrics to “Wildest Dreams” while the camera zooms closer in slow motion.

 “Although addicting, (TikTok) is a great place for people to express themselves and be creative,” said Murphy.  She is very expressive in her taste in music and it is strangely similar to her FYP. “As for my FYP, it’s so designed for what I like to see that I could literally spend hours just scrolling,” said Murphy. TikTok is more than just addictive or a creative outlet, it’s also a good place to express yourself and have fun while doing something you enjoy. 

Singer, activist, and content creator Elle Londono (@elleaii) has 62 followers on TikTok. Their FYP is on the spiritual side of TikTok, also known as WitchTok, and they are on “StonerTok” which is the marijuana experimental side of TikTok. 

“My personal FYP is scarily accurate…definitely tailored to me” Londono said. It’s almost like the app puts random things in your view, sees how you react and only shows you those things till you interact with something else. TikTok is a good business opportunity and it utilizes the content someone makes and connects them with others who are interested in the same things. The multiple different networking opportunities show creators how to interact with others in a professional setting as well as how to represent different businesses. 

Even those who only use TikTok for watching instead of creating have a For You Page. Hannah Sudla’s (@itshannahh7) FYP consists of dogs, bisexual inside jokes and New York City kids’ experiences through satires. 

“It’s very entertaining and it’s about the things I can relate to and it’s about the things I’ve seen like living in the city,” she said. Your FYP is peculiar and gets deeper in the rabbit hole of who you are, where you are from, how you react or respond based on the content you interact with. “It’s educational in the sense that it tells you, my FYP tells me what things mean and I can apply it to my daily life,” she said. TikTok is diverse in its content and how it pertains to each user. 

TikTok is a good app for making and enjoying content about the things that everyone loves or hates. The app modifies itself to the person you are and the hobbies that you are interested in. Whether it is a temporary euphoric feeling or a permanent love, TikTok has got you covered. 

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