Students vs. adults dream places to travel

By: Kenzi Murphy

We all have a dream place to travel. Whether it be to the pyramids of Egypt or the mountains of Utah, we all have an idea of where we’d like to travel one day. Our dream place to travel can vary far and wide from each other and it’s interesting to see the similarities and differences between people’s dream travel destinations from different demographics, such as students and adults. 

As a student, my dream place to travel to would be Nepal, simply because that is where Mount Everest is and it has always been a dream of mine to hike to Everest Base Camp. Here are some dream trips from other students across New York. 

A village below the mountains in Nepal. Photo from

 Bliss Rhoades, a graduate student at SUNY Plattsburgh, would love to travel to a tropical oasis in the Indian Ocean. “My dream place to travel would be the Maldives because I want to see the Sea of Stars,” she said.  

Kaitlyn Bjelko, a senior at SUNY Plattsburgh, has a spookier incentive in mind. “I really want to go to Colorado to see the Denver airport because supposedly it’s haunted,” she said. 

Drew Paluch, a freshman at SUNY Fredonia, based her answer on her family history when she chose her dream place. “I think Poland, because that’s where my grandparents are from, and I love learning about the Holocaust,” Paluch said.

Kayla Belanger, a high school senior in East Greenbush, wants to travel to a warm place in the states. “I really want to go to Hawaii because I want to learn more about their culture,” she said. 

Angel Chadra, an international student at SUNY Plattsburgh, had food in mind when she chose her dream destination. “I would like to go to Mexico because I really like tacos, and I have always loved the vibe there,” Chandra said. 

Hunter Moore, a freshman at Roberts Wesleyan College, knows that he wants to see insane landscapes in his travels one day. “I would love to go to Iceland because they have dope landscapes,” he said. 

Jayden Allison, a sophomore at Jefferson Community College, based her dream travel destination on her favorite movie. “I would love to go to Amsterdam because it sounds cool and because I’m obsessed with ‘The Fault in our Stars,’” Allison said. 

A canal in Amsterdam. Photo by

Lastly, Francisco Lauture, another sophomore at SUNY Plattsburgh, had comfort in mind when he chose his dream spot. “My dream place to travel is Cabo because it seems like a nice place,” he said.

It seems that students have diverse ideas of where they would like to travel, but what about adults around New York?

Stacy Robertson, 50, had her religion in mind when she chose her dream place to travel. “I’m very passionate about traveling to Israel at least once in my life because that is the center of my faith,” she said.

 Alysha Warren, 24, would love to see the scenery in northwestern Europe. “My dream place to travel to is Ireland because the country seems beautiful, and I would love to experience the scenery and culture,” Warren said.

 Isaac Martin, 30, not only wants to see the scenery of his dream place to travel, but learn more about the country’s history as well. “I would like to go to Iceland to see volcanoes, the blue lagoon, and the Reynisfjara basalt columns. As for the culture, I would like to learn more about ties to vikings, the native language and some interesting food,” he said.

Katie Hill, 50, doesn’t want to be the typical tourist. “I’ve always dreamed of going to Scotland and Ireland. I’ve always wanted to see the cobblestone streets and the beautiful green farmland. I don’t want to see the regular tourist spots, I want to see the back roads and less traveled places. I always thought it must smell wonderful there too,” Hill said. 

Steven Doe, 49, also has history in mind when choosing his dream destinations. “My dream place to travel to is Greece or China. Greece largely because of its history. The country is responsible for so much: the arts, science, philosophy and architecture. I would also love to see the Great Wall of China. So much history and inventions in China as well,” he said.

Th Great Wall of China. Photo by

Beth Yellen, 42, would love to visit a warm place in South America. “I want to travel to Costa Rica because of the beautiful sandy beaches, the warm weather and to see the different cultures,” she said. 

Finally, Gary Kroll, 51, had an interesting take on the question. “There is nowhere that I want to travel to. The North Country is enough adventure in itself. I only want to travel if it’s by foot, bike or sail,” Kroll said. 

Essentially, after looking at the different groups, students and adults, dream places to travel, there weren’t many similarities between the two groups. However, it was clear that the adults were more detailed in their responses as to why they wanted to go to their dream places. 

The variation between the two is most likely caused by one thing: age. Adults have more life experiences which can make their answers prone to be more thoughtful and detailed, whereas a majority of students don’t have a lot of life experience, which could cause them to have lots of places they want to go to, and will essentially limit their description as to why they want to go to those places. 

Traveling can be an exciting experience for people of all ages and extremely varies! Do you know your dream place to travel?

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