Social battery analysis

By Gabriel Abosi

Everything, from electronics to living things, need a recharge. This would imply some sort of battery and being social can really be draining to that battery. 

Urban dictionary describes a social battery as “a person’s capacity to intermingle with groups of people in one setting.” While opinion on whether a person has a form of social battery differs from person to person, it doesn’t change the fact that being socially exhausted is a real thing that can affect many people differently.

 In the audio above, you will hear the point of view of two college students, the first one being Deneil White, a junior at SUNY Plattsburgh, and Jesujuwon Odeyemi, another junior. They give their opinion on whether or not their social battery depletes rapidly or not. A third student, Phardia Desir, a psychology major, gives her insight on what it means to be socially exhausted and how one’s social battery plays a part in determining whether or not someone is introvert or extroverted. The third and last tier of expertise is from Shakuntala Rao, a professor of communication studies at SUNY Plattsburgh, who has a strong background and knowledge on media ethics. She provides her expert advice of the effects being social can have on introverted and extroverted people and if social media plays a part in that.

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