APN’s favorite item in my closet

There’s always a couple items in your closet that you gravitate to. APN decided to share some of our favorite picks, whether for sentimental value or stylistic choice.

Nickie hayes


Nickie’s favorite sweater. Photo provided by Nickie Hayes.

I wish I could say I had something really interesting or cool in my closet to talk about, but that is just not the case. Although, there is something in my closet that holds so much sentimental value to me I don’t think I could ever get rid of it. It is a piece of clothing. Yet, this isn’t just any piece of clothing. It’s a sweater I stole from my grandpa which is probably at least 20 years old and certainly looks like it could be even older. I was at my grandpa’s house one time and I was bored, so I decided to be nosy and look through the closet in the guest bedroom. That is where I found this absolute gem of an oversized sweater, and this was the time a few years back where oversized sweaters were just coming into style. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity, so I took it, with his approval of course. 

Fast forward a few months later and he got into a really bad accident. One thing led to another and he passed away. This was four years ago now, but I am so glad I took that sweater. I can remember specific events in my life as a child when I saw him wearing it and now that it’s mine, it’s truly such a wonderful reminder of him when I wear the sweater now. So, that’s my favorite thing in my closet and I don’t know if anything else could ever top it.

Sydney Hakes


The vintage sweater. Photo provided by Sydney Hakes.

As a fan of fashion, from high-end to streetwear, it’s challenging to highlight just one item from my closet. As someone who thrifts, trades and collects, each piece has a story. A story or even a love to anything – furniture, clothes, knick-knacks – will make it that more special to the owner. There is a limited amount of space in most people’s lives for physical items, so I want mine to all be unique and feel that they deserve a place in my house and life. Some people might find that an over dramatic way of looking at a sweater or pair of shoes, but it makes me think with intention when I’m choosing to spend money on these items, no matter the price.

My favorite clothing item varies over time, often seasonally. One of my favorites currently is my vintage The Limited sweater. It’s perfect for winter. Made of 50% mohair, it traps heat in. Mohair also dyed exceptionally well, so the almost neon coloring really stands out. The oversized fit along with the bright colors really makes it a piece that will catch the eye, something I look for when picking out clothes.

kiyanna noel


Pink jacket from Old Navy. Photo provided by Kiyanna Noel.

My favorite item in my closet is a white jacket that I bought from Old Navy. It’s fluffy and has the cutest pockets.  I originally bought it in white while it was on sale, then I found it in pink and just knew I had to have it. I love cozy and comfortable, yet stylish clothes that I can wear with my everyday outfits. These jackets are just perfect for the weather and even though it is stylish and cute, it definitely keeps me warm.

hayden sadler


The pink pants. Photo provided by Hayden Sadler.

In my closet I have many items. My favorite, however, is my pink pants. I never wear them, but they are really comfortable and fit nicely. I got these pants from stitch fix, and was immediately captivated by their brilliant shade and slim fit. Unfortunately, the pants have been confined to my closet for almost half a year. I can’t wait for the warmer weather so I can don the pink garments! If anyone is hesitant to get themselves a pair of pink pants, don’t be – they are amazing.

shelby disla


I’m not one to be materialistic, meaning I typically don’t become attached to much, especially clothing. When asked what my favorite thing in my closet was, I instantly thought nothing, until I saw a brown wool sweater. It has hints of yellow, a few shades of brown and a collar with two big brown buttons. It was my Grandpa’s sweater that I kept after he passed away. I have to admit it’s not the most flattering sweater on me, but it was on him and I can’t help but imagine him hugging me while I wear it. He also had a special taste in style that isn’t common nowadays, so I also feel like a mini him when I wear it. That being said, it’s definitely my favorite piece in my closet, one I’ll never let go of.

ashley st. john


The ideal high-top sneaker. Photo provided by Ashley St. John.

My favorite item in my closet is definitely my white high-top converse. I’ve had these sneakers for close to two years now and, at this point, they’re my everyday choice for shoes. They used to be a perfect, pretty white color, but now they’re so dirty that they could almost be considered a shade of brown. They’re so worn that there are holes starting where the fabric meets the rubber lining of them. They’re honestly perfect for most occasions: going to class, work, school events, downtown at the bars and sometimes the occasional frat party. I even wore these sneakers to a 3-day-long music festival a few months ago. I want a new pair soon but I find it so hard to part with these because I know once I get a new pair, I’m not going to want to wear them anywhere because I’ll be afraid of them getting dirty, at least for the first few weeks. Usually, once they get just a little bit of dirt on them it’s fair game and I start wearing them everywhere.

gabriel abosi


Brown puffer jacket. Photo provided by Gabriel Abosi.

My favorite thing in my closet is my brown puffer jacket I bought fairly recently. Jackets that I’ve owned and worn have been nothing but black up to this point which was the reason why I decided to buy a brown one, to escape the hold the color black has on me. Part of the reason why I wear black is because I like to be low key. I’m not someone that likes to be noticed, but recently I’ve seen myself come out of my shell more and more. I believe another step in that direction is to branch out and wear other colors. I plan on starting small, for instance wearing darker colors like maroon or olive green. My goal is to graduate from that to brighter colors. The day you see me in yellow is the day I fully broke out and changed myself for the better because yellow is the brightest color of them all.

peculiar joseph


Peculiar in her bucket hat. Photo provided by Peculiar Joseph.

My favorite thing in my closet will definitely be my bucket hat. I have just one of them and I feel like that is probably an additional reason it is my favorite thing in my closet because I value my one bucket hat. One reason I love it is because it goes well on all my clothes and it is definitely a beautiful fashion trend presently. I love the fact that the frontal part of the cap acts as a protective shade for the sun. It is generally very cute and comfortable on the head. I personally feel like it’s worth having and I am even looking forward to getting more than one and even in varieties of colors and textile design.

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