My African Beliefs or Superstitions?

In African culture, there is a lot of superstition. In this article, we will be reviewing particularly Nigerian superstitions that some people actually believed, but after growing up found out were not entirely true. 

Most of the students interviewed were young adults and others were adults. 

Angelica Obinabo: When I was little I believed that staying in the dark for too long makes a monster come and scare you.

Jagila Haman: I believed that when it is raining and the sun is still out an elephant has just given birth. 

This picture illustrates the superstition that a baby elephant has been given birth because rain was falling and the sun was shining as well. Photo by Katie Hollamby from Pexels.

Roseline Ogiri: Whistling at night attracts snakes and sweeping at night brings bad luck. 

Oreoluwa Aiyegbusi: When I was younger I was told that if I swallowed chewing gum, my poop was going to be a red balloon. 

Chinwe Mokelu: I believed that there was a particular white-gray bird that anytime it flies, you wave your fingers towards it and then it will automatically give you white spots on your fingernails. 

Geraldine Ukeh: I used to believe that when rain was falling and thunder strikes, God was taking a picture.

The picture above portrays that God was taking a picture because thunder struck as rain fell. Photo by Philippe Donn from Pexels.

Favour Olorunmotito: When I was growing up, I believed or was rather told that whenever there was a rainbow, it meant an elephant had just given birth. 

The rainbow illustrates the superstition that a baby elephant has just been born. Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels.

Mare-Christie Osigbeme: If you give a pregnant woman a bad eye, her unborn child will die. 

Sunday Ameh: I believed that if you swallow a seed, the tree is going to grow on your head. 

The tree signifies the superstition that if you swallow a seed of any tree the tree will start to grow on your head overtime. Photo by Felix Mittermeier from Pexels.

Victoria Odumu: One particular belief was that if a boy touches a girl, the girl will get pregnant. As funny as it sounds, most of us, especially in Nigeria have heard of the saying. This has been said by our Grandmoms and Moms to scare us away from the male gender with the impression that sex is all they want from us. 

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