Three Trendy Nail Styles for Fall 2022

The days grow shorter, nights grow longer, and the leaves have started to abandon their green color. You’ve taken out your favorite sweaters and surrounded yourself with fall scents and flavors, but there’s one thing you still haven’t figured out: what to do with your nails? Here are three trendy nail styles to consider for this fall.


David Tran of Gel Nails & Spa, located at 4 Broad St. in Plattsburgh, New York, said he has been in the nail business for eight years. Every fall, his younger clients tend to prefer gel nails in muted colors with no nail art. Tran suspected the preference for plain nails in muted shades of blue, green and gray comes from the weather causing them to feel “a little bit depressed.”

“They feel with the weather,” Tran said.

Charlize Guerra, a SUNY Plattsburgh student running her own business called Char’s Corner, echoed Tran. She said her clients ask for colors traditionally associated with the fall: neutral and dark tones of red, orange, green, blue and purple.

Nails in a dark blue shade. Photo by allison christine on Unsplash.


Shelby Disla goes to school six hours away from her home, New York City. Disla currently has white French tips with a nude base. She said she likes the design because it “looks clean” and continues to look that way when, after a few weeks, the nails grow out. The style helps Disla enjoy her nails even when she is away from home for a couple of months at a time. When Disla goes back home in two weeks, she will get French tips on her nails again. The twist, however, is that the cleanly drawn tips of her nails will be a bright color. 

The reason, Disla said, is that her club Fuerza — the Black and Latinx Student Union at SUNY Plattsburgh — will be hosting a Mardi Gras-themed banquet party. The colors Disla is considering for her French tips are traditionally associated with the holiday: green, purple and gold.

Guerra has also noted the rising demand for colored French tips. Guerra said her clients also like patterns for their French tips, too. This style of nail can be accomplished in any color or combination of colors, including the muted colors or shades like burgundy and orange, associated with this time of year. 

Brown French tips. Photo by Charlize Guerra.
Tiger-print French tips. Photo by Charlize Guerra.


Lastly, Guerra mentioned her clients took a liking to chrome-powder nails and velvet styles.

Chrome powder can be used on the whole nail or only parts of it to create a unique highly reflective metallic, sometimes holographic look. Chrome powder can be found in any color, from silver and gold to rainbow gradients. Reflective nails can help add a little more brightness to your life in a period of dark, rainy days and long nights.

A manicure with a metallic accent nail. Photo by allison christine on Unsplash.

Velvet nails may not be as reflective as chrome nails, but they are just as capable of standing out. Velvet nails can appear grainy or glittery, made to resemble the trendy fabric popular this time of year. Like chrome, velvet can be applied to any color.

In the right light, velvet nails resemble the fabric. Photo by Isi Parente on Unsplash.

Fall can look and feel different for everyone. Luckily, there are plenty of inspiring nail styles and color palettes to choose from to suit you personally.

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