Changing Seasons: How do you prepare?

By: Michael Hlopko

A gorgeous view from Mount Killington. (Taken by Michael Hlopko)

The changing of seasons can often be an exciting time for many people. It signals the approaching change in weather, and by extension, how many live their day-to-day life. Others might point to the seasonal change in food options at restaurants and stores, such as pumpkin spice or apple flavored products. For the fall season, some might say the experience of seeing the natural beauty of the many colors of leaves is their main draw.

Johnathan Ward, a resident of Pennsylvania, shared thoughts on the changing of seasons and the activities that go along with it, as well as behavioral changes.

“Without a doubt, the changing colors of leaves is my favorite part of fall. I’m outdoors a lot, and this time of year just makes me want to get outside even more,” Ward said. 

A gorgeous view from Mount Killington. (Taken by Michael Hlopko)

While natural beauty is one of the high points for many with the changing of seasons, others look forward to seasonal food options as well as festivities. Visiting local orchards or cider mills is a great way to satisfy fall cravings.  

“Another fall favorite of mine is visiting the cider mill we have here locally,” Ward said. “It’s impossible to not go at least once or twice per year, since you don’t get the chance any other time of year.”

For some, however, preparations need to be made in order to live out their favorite seasons to the fullest. In the case of winter, most would likely ensure they have a functioning shovel or snow blower if they live in some of the more snow-heavy regions. In the case of fall, taking care of the mounds upon mounds of leaves is one such task.

“I happen to have a good chunk of land on my property, so I have to make sure my leaf blower works properly before the leaves really start falling,” Ward said.. “I do my best to get on top of it early. That, and buying pumpkins and setting up decorations for Halloween. I do my best to never miss a year.”

For other places, local yearly festivities are the most exciting. In the case of Plattsburgh, New York, a way in which locals cap off a lengthy summer is the Battle of Plattsburgh reenactment, which is something of a tradition.

 “For me, it’s the Battle of Plattsburgh re-enactment,” said Timothy Simmons, a resident of Plattsburgh. “It’s something that only locals here can appreciate and look forward to each year.”

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