How APN Celebrates the End of the Term

Nickie Hayes


As this term was the first half of my senior year, I can’t say the semester went by without a hitch. There were some highs and some lows, but I’m thrilled to be halfway through my senior year. I think there will be more than one way I’ll be celebrating the end of the term. I’ll need to get ready for the holiday season, as I haven’t had the time to yet. Whether that’s decorating my apartment with an abundance of Christmas decorations or binge-watching some holiday movie classics, it’ll be on my celebratory list. As well, now that I’m 21, I’ll have to have a night out on the town, and I don’t think there’s a more typical college student way to celebrate school ending. Ultimately though, the most precedent item on my list of celebratory activities is sleep, and getting a lot of it. This semester was exciting, but also exhausting, so getting extra rest will definitely be in store for me this winter. Nevertheless, I have to push through finals week first before the celebrations commence!

Natalie St. Denis


I like to celebrate the end of the term with a nice, deep nap once I travel back home. It almost serves as a catch-up on all the sleep I missed out on during the semester, especially during finals week. Once I wake from my slumber, I will plan a time to see my hometown best friends to catch up and throw a little party for ourselves. I feel like Christmas also feels like a celebration of the end of the fall semester because of its timing. So as soon as winter break starts I get into full Christmas mode and spend time with my family and pets. That reunion feels like a whole celebration within itself.

Esther Estrada

Staff Writer

The best thing about the term ending is that my birthday is slowly approaching, let the preparations begin. I celebrate the term coming to an end by treating myself to some self-care activities. I usually go back home, where I will get my hair, lashes,  nails,  toes, and eyebrows done and maybe sometimes a nice spa massage and facial. Since all the stress has finally left my body, I’m able to wind down. I like to give back to myself and bring myself back to life after all the long nights. 

Sleeping girl from

Munya Chimanye

Staff Writer

As a journalism major, the semesters tend to wind down with your fingers errantly stabbing at the keyboard, trying to make those week-before-final deadlines. The stress is high, but the relief that follows makes the ordeal worthwhile. Once the term is over, either one month or three months of free time follows, and that free time is perfect hobbyism – for I am an unforgivable hobbyist. Hopefully this semester I will be celebrating on the slopes, with my second-ever skiing experience. 

Kiyanna Noel

Staff Writer

The end of the fall semester means a lot to me for many reasons, but the main one is my birthday is coming up and I’m excited to celebrate that. My favorite thing to do at the end of the semester is to max out my dining dollars and start to pack for Christmas and birthday celebrations. This year, I’ll be spending it in Trinidad with my family and doing a lot of our family traditions which I haven’t done since I was 10. We usually put together bags with food and toys to give away to local families we know are struggling. This means taking the time out to prep these bags and going shopping with my family which is important to me. 

Photo by Keren Fedida on Unsplash

Amy Ward

Staff Writer

I celebrate accomplishments in my life fairly simply. This might not seem like celebrating to other people, but with big accomplishments, I go nuts. I might go on a shopping spree and treat myself to a purchase I’ve been holding back on. I might take myself out for a nice meal or do a self-care day and take a trip to a spa or salon. This year I plan to celebrate with some retail therapy and a great meal afterward, which will be a burger, fries and a milkshake. No matter how I celebrate, I know I’ll feel great afterward by rewarding myself with less stress on my mind. 

Peculiar Joseph

Staff Writer

Celebrating the term is particularly special for me because college can get really challenging during the course of the semester. It is very important that I unwind after weeks of studying and doing so much. One way I celebrate is, I play my favorite music and packing to go home or to the next destination that is not school. I love to spend quality time with my friends. I do not get to see my friends frequently in school, so after exams is the one time I get to be with them before we all go home to spend time with our families. 

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