A Style for Every Story

The apparel industry revolves around trade, investments, employment and global revenue by  presenting a range of clothing for consumers: casual wear, sports wear and business wear.

There’s a constant cycle of innovation and emulation of brands that puts an influence on our daily lives, emphasizing the past and the present. 

Similar to the seasons in a year, this phenomenon of fashion trends appearing again is seen in a load of brands involving products such as bucket hats, turtle necks and bell bottoms. 

A photo of a person wearing a bucket hat. Photo by De an Sun on Unsplash.

Occasionally, a new brand is introduced that would either similarly offer up nostalgic styles or they take the other route, launching never before seen products that emerge rapidly through celebrities, influencers and social media.

In simpler times, fondness of a brand because it relies on trends is not present, but the simplicity of being a personal favorite is.

Michael Johnson, a senior studying Broadcast Journalism & TV Video Production at SUNY Plattsburgh, expresses his favorite clothing brand is Malosi, which he created Aug. 27, 2021. 

When Johnson’s uncle Shawn passed away, Johnson created Malosi in his memory, as his uncle always wanted the finest for him and his future. In doing so, Malosi demonstrates how Johnson is “proudly” living out the dreams that he voiced as a little boy, he said. 

Malosi has a series of collections, including a recent drop that gives you different colorways within each varsity embroidered letter that make up Malosi. On both the t-shirts and hoodies, “Malosi represents its literal definition of strength” as it is worn casually by those that intend to look stoic.

On the other hand, Karen Ford, a Cardiovascular Technician at the VA Hospital located in Manhattan, New York, wears medical scrubs daily, but insists her favorite clothing brand is Louis Vuitton, a luxurious brand that adorns their products with the monogram LV. 

“Their delicacy within their craftsmanship and the high quality material that goes into every accessory” is the cause for Ford’s interest, she said. As Ford is permitted to wear colored scrubs, the brand balance of style and wealth within their products allows her to modernize while resembling her values as a healthcare worker.

Meanwhile, Kevin Tabb, a SUNY Plattsburgh student and point guard on the college basketball team, was raised on Nike, the world’s largest athletic apparel company. 

A picture of Nike Air Max sneakers. Photo by Lefteris kallergis on Unsplash.

“With years of experience on the court, Nike has been all-inclusive,” Tabb said. “Athletic sneakers for a firm grip, sleeves and armbands to improve circulation in my shooting arm, and Dri-FIT tracksuits for when I’m warming up and want to remain dry before the big game.”

Nike is known for being a trend-setter as it is authentic and transparent, but Tabb’s emphasis on it’s versatility within sports apparel, such as his own sport, steps away from this norm and places  Nike in a contemporary light.

All in all, the clothing industry continues to expand tremendously and as consumers, it can be hard to choose because it is an ever growing industry. But the quality, fit and your style preferences should lead to your decision, not necessarily the trends. 

Brands mean nothing until you choose to wear them.

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