Trying BeatBox Beverages

Despite the contradiction in the name, BeatBox is a new drink on the market that comes in a box and has taken the alcohol market in a modern direction. As seen on “Shark Tank,” BeatBox shows that new alcohol doesn’t have to be expensive to taste great or world renowned  to have an impact. Individually the drink costs $3.99 and the combo box of eight is $22.99.

There are nine various flavors, each containing 11.1 percent of orange wine. There is a flavor for everyone, including Blue Razzberry, Cranberry Dreams, Fresh Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Hard Tea, Juicy Mango, Peach Punch, Pink Lemonade and Tropical Punch. The unique packaging, based on each flavor, ensures there will never be confusion. You’ll definitely know which beverage you’re getting. I tried two of them, one frozen and the other refrigerated.

Pictured is a group of friends having some drinks. Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash.

The first drink I tried was the Peach Punch and boy did it punch. After the first sip, you immediately taste alcohol. I completely underestimated how much wine 11.1 percent is, and it showed on my face. In trying to give this beverage a fair chance, I chose to refrigerate this one instead of drinking it frozen, as that is how it’s marketed to consume. It’s a wine, not a daiquiri. That being said, the peach flavor was overpowered significantly by the taste of the alcohol, but it still worked. It helped me pace myself throughout the night, and I can easily see this drink being really popular.

The second flavor I tried was the Pink Lemonade, but frozen. I left it in my freezer for 24 hours prior to trying, and the taste was amazing. Based on my experience with the Peach Punch, I thought the Pink Lemonade would be similar, with a predominately alcohol flavor, but that wasn’t the case. The frozen drink was the perfect balance of pink lemonade and alcohol. The only disappointment about having this drink frozen is that you will have to cut the box open to actually be able to enjoy it. It doesn’t melt quickly enough for you to taste it through the opening, part of the drinking spout. I wish there would have been a more efficient way.

Overall, BeatBox drinks are a good drink to pregame or drink throughout the night with the twistable caps and convenient packaging. Although you can taste the alcohol, it was more enjoyable frozen than liquid. Though, I wished BeatBox had more flavors so it could be used as a chaser for other drinks and as a regular drink. If the drinks were marketed both ways, the brand may be even bigger than it already is.

However, I would still recommend this drink to anyone looking to drink responsibly and trying to determine what flavor profiles they prefer in their adult beverages. 

If you’re just turning 21, this beverage allows you to learn how to pace yourself and discover flavors you may or may not like. The taste is sufficient, but it seems like there’s more care put into the  packaging rather than the overall taste or concept of the drink. 

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